Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Saying Yes to God

I asked my husband tonight how I'm saying yes to God. After some banter, he said by sitting here late with your little guy that napped so that he won't be lonely. And that is true. I always ask him things like this and he's pretty good at telling me like it is.

At the same time, something did come to mind to me in my yes to God and his grace journey. It's just a little not like me.

 Today I had a physical therapy appointment. You probably wouldn't know that there is anything wrong with me. I mean honestly for most things I function pretty highly. I'm not limping, or incapacitated mostly and for that I'm grateful. I went to physical therapy, because I knew something was off. My hips had been bothering me and it turned out that I was validated in thinking things were not as they were to be. My right hip was turned ever so slightly and it made my leg be longer on the one side. I also learned that I have basically no lower core strength. The result of 3 blessings in 5 years, and while I love them, and I do say yes to taking care of them daily, I needed to say yes to taking care of myself. Some mothers may do this better than others, but for me this took me a while to set up this appointment and really follow through. 

So, I'm hoping that the exercises I do really help and the back pain diminishes. I have 3 more appointments and I'm kind of looking forward to them. Oddly I love the PT environment, I've been in PT 5 or so times prior do to soccer injuries and I always enjoy the challenge. I want to continue to be able to function fully as a mama and just as myself too. I almost think of this as being something long run like so that if we are called to have more kiddos, my body can actually handle it and not break down. 

How have you said yes to God and his grace today?

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