Sunday, November 16, 2014


We made it home! All in one piece. It took much longer than anticipated on the way back, but there were some detours. We stopped at our one friend's home again to pick up left behind things and well its always hard to leave them because everyone just gets along so well.

We did a trip lay over across the river from Cincinnati. Somehow, Keith scored us a discounted rate on a swanky hotel that was on the edge of the river. The boys and I enjoyed watching the river boats from our 11th floor view.

We checked out the Latin rite mass at Old St. Mary's in downtown Cincinnati. I had been to one of these before but Keith had never been. I'm honestly not in the right place for it I think because I'm just confused instead of understanding. Maybe another time in life I'll like it more. For now I'll stick to a reverent English mass.

We stopped at Skyline Chili for lunch. Benjamin apparently wanted to take his noodles with him unbeknownst to us. He had a full handful in each hand, which warranted him a to go box from the waitress. It reminded me that sometimes 4 almost 5 year olds still are little and do silly things.

We played a lot of find the alphabet letter games in the car and a few rounds of guess what animal am I. I think by the 5th round the boys figured out that the game works better if you aren't the same animal every time. We detoxed from screens on the way home, which might have been why it seemed so long, but I think we needed it.

And so now we are home! The snow can come and it will be okay. I'm excited to be back in my own bed again and get some routine back in our lives.

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