Thursday, August 27, 2009

Miley Cyrus

So maybe I'm saying the words of a 60 year old here. But I was reading a blog article over at Catholic Exchange about a mother having to explain to her 11 year old about how the world expects something different than what her parents and God expect from her. That Miss Miley as entertaining as she is (seriously, I definitely laugh when I watch or more so listen to Hannah MontanaAnd maybe thats why its more entertaining to me, I simply listen to the jokes instead of examine the wardrobe), can be offputting to concerned parents when she dresses like a slut.
However, most women's fashions today have us all dressing like sluts. An unfortunate consequence of 60's feminism I think. We dress in less to display our womanly figure, but really we don't realize how detrimental our immodest dress is to society. We have men think nothing of us but sex objects, and if it isn't that far, they have to go to confession more frequently because there are women who forgot the whole shirt or skirt that make it so easy for a man to undress them with their eyes. And then we have young girls trying to emmulate their older sister, the women on TV or perhaps their mom, which in turn means that these little girls of 10, 11 or 12 now having to be taught comprehensive sex ed because their bodies are being clothed in a way that suggests that they are after sex.
So to come back to Miley, with her song lyrics being mostly clean, parents are more apt to let their children listen to her music. However, when she presents herself to be a sex object of all legs and breast showing shirts that pole dances and her parents approve, we run into issues. Pretty much all of her female back-up dancers were only wearing bras and underwear. The girl is 16! A 16 year old should still be innocent and not sexy. She can be sexy later with her husband, but not to the whole world. So yes, I am probably going to be labeled a prude after this, but I can take that.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the word is out

Since its past the 3 month mark, its more safe to say now that I am having a baby that is due March 6th. This is kinda super fun to me, the only scary part as of present is how my advisor will take it (since he seems to be out of the office again!). Anyway, we are gonna be surprised with whether is it is a boy or a girl, which is also super exciting. I have started thinking about things that I will need. I am a strange one, so I want to try things like cloth diapers and baby carriers instead of strollers for the first few months. Honestly, I am not sure how it will all go down when the time comes, but I am hopeful that these will work out. I also want to try co-sleeping which apparently helps with SIDS and such, and also lets you get more sleep, you just have to be ok with not having your privacy that you normally have. And the way I grew up, this is ok with me. I sometimes wonder how to go about registering for things, if people decide to throw a shower, because I don't want all the crazy gadgets, but instead would rather have just the basics, but good durable basics. So those are my thoughts, maybe I'm too what they call "granola" about my approach, but I just think that by being so, I can be more frugal and give more love instead of stuff and money to my mothering approach.

Monday, August 10, 2009

since ya'll know

I am gonna write my food likes and dislikes thus far:

Most fruit
Thin Crust Pizza
Rolls if they are buttery
Green Beans
Baked Potatoes
French Fries
Anything Chicken
Fresh Spinach
Bran-like Cereal

Milk Chocolate
Italian anything minus pizza
Peanut Butter
Fruit in Yogurt
Any Ice Cream besides dark chocolate or mint chocolate chip
Ground Beef if its not in the form of a hamburger
Coffee due to acidity
Garlic and anything strongly garlic flavored

I am sure there are more likes and dislikes, but those are the ones that come to mind. Very odd things I think, but oh well it will come back to normal one day I am told.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

seven quick takes, lazy Saturday edition

1. Successfully held a softball party last night, full of veggie eaters.

2. Took a two-hour nap this afternoon and it felt quite lovely.

3. Went to a garage sale this morning and had fun buying $1 clothes that had never been worn and were originally priced $40.

4. Keith has put in a major attempt to fix/clean the smelly dishwasher that really has been troublesome lately. I am praying that it works.

5. I am in a countdown mode till next Wednesday at 8am. For those of who know why, pray that it goes well.

6. This morning I actually made a hot breakfast which happens at the most 4 times a year. Keith declared it yummy, so in my book that is a success.

7. Laundry is all folded and about to be put away and its not even 5pm yet on Saturday.