Sunday, February 24, 2013

WIWS, 2nd Sunday of Lent

I am linking up today at the WIWS link-up hosted by Fine Linen and Purple.  Today is a busy day for us, but I wanted to stop and do a quick post.  In a lenten reflection mode, I've been learning a lot about the concept of love this lent.  And last night, I learned a little more about love.  I think its easier to love certain people in your circles, whether it be family or friends or co-workers, than others, and this is especially hard for me because I tend to want to help fix everyone's problems and sometimes (most of the time usually), yo, you can't do that.  Because people are people and have to figure it out for themselves, they can't be forced.  The problem is that sometimes I get really down seeing the person as the problem, because to me its so blatantly obvious.  But really, thats the plank in the eye parable, right? Anyway, I'm trying to work on loving these folks better, because otherwise I feel like I'm a downer, seeing these folks as problems instead of people. What are you learning this lent?

And now for the church attire:

Pondering the homily, hah! My children were super unruly today, so, I think maybe I heard 15% of it.

Clothing Details:
Dress: Old Navy ( I always wanted a maxi dress, and now I have one!)
Shirt: Halftees!  Fine Linen and Purple did a post on these guys a while back and they are everything they say they are!
Belt: Amazon, as to actual retailer, I forget, it was a Christmas present. :)
Shoes: Target (My new staple boot!)
Necklace: from childhood, close up seen here

And now I try to yank out my stair railing.

And this pose is just because my husband continued to take pictures.

Check out some more outfits and maybe some Lenten reflections at the Fine Linen and Purple link-up


  1. Hehe, sometimes I want to shake people and go, "IT'S SO OBVIOUS!!!" too- but then I remember that the desire to do so is probably a natural flaw in me ;-) Anywho, I LOVE your dress! Maxis are beautiful, but it's especially cool that it's long-sleeved too! Less layering.

    Also, I never noticed your stairs/banister before. Really beautiful!

    1. Thanks. I was so excited to find a maxi dress that was within my price range and the right size! I definitely get that way with others faults too, maybe its part of the human condition. The banister is probably original with the house which was built in 1930. I love old houses!

  2. You look so lovely in your maxi dress! I love the color and length!

    Oh, and is it EVER easier to love some people more than others. Boy, that is the challenge of the Gospel in a nutshell.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. You made a smart choice with the color of your dress. It really looks good on you!

    1. Thanks, I credit my neighbor friend for pointing out that this shade of blue/green looks good on me.

  4. Love the maxi dress! It looks great on you!

  5. Oh my goodness this dress is the *perfect* cut for your figure! You look stunning!!! And tiny!

    I love your reflection on what you are learning this Lent!

    I'm learning that the first step to evangalization is holy families. Wow we have such huge jobs as parents huh?

    1. Thanks.

      You are right, we do have huge responsibility as parents, and probably only get through by the grace of God. I hope the rest of lent is fruitful for you!

  6. You look awesome! I loooove that maxi dress. If I had it, I'd wear it all the time.

    And perfectly articulated what happens when I get frustrated and then see people as problems. Here is to overcoming that!

  7. WOW - what an awesome color and cut of a maxidress. You look absolutely wonderful.

    It's all about LOVE isn't it? It's the hardest thing to do yet the one thing that gives you the most amazing gifts in return, especially when they are hard to love.