Saturday, February 23, 2019

And you are five, Helena!

Dear Lenagirl,

You turned five yesterday. You were ever so excited about your birthday from the moment of your last birthday ending. You have such excitement and love for those around you and its just so neat to sit back in those moments every so often and see you become you.

There are glimpses of who you may become and there are things that you are as you are. You are kind, you are helpful, you are generous, you are loving, you are fearless.

This past year you learned to ride a bike and went on the biggest of waterslides. You were not frightened one bit by the waterslides. The bike when we found the right sized one went well too.  It was a little tricky prior to that, but you still didn’t give up.

You want to own a coffee shop at this point, and I would say that is awesome, especially with your ability to bake things and make things in the kitchen well. But even if you change your mind, know that you are loved in your pursuit of your passions for being the best you.

You also want to be a dancer, so I hope we can get you to try some of that out this year.

I have so very much enjoyed your new gained ability to draw humans and how you make letters for everyone around you with your love. You are as sweet as can be with this and I hope you don’t stop until you are sick of making letters, as everyone could use more love and letters in their lives.

You explore the forest with gusto and sometimes in a dress. I couldn’t love you more for that.

Thank-you for being you my dear, here’s to another year of growing and adventures.

Happy Birthday!

With Love,

Your Mama