Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In which I resolve to yell less...

I know I am not perfect.  I am human, not God, and I wasn't made without original sin like Mary.  So if I give the appearance that I have it all together, well I don't.  I think this here blog is probably one of the places where I probably show that I am human the most.  But here is another thing that will give way to that notion.

I feel like some days I yell a lot.  I don't want to, but I do.  I want to be more positive and not negative, and while I don't complain to my kids, I sometimes will yell at them when they are being unsafe, or just driving me crazy.  This usually happens with my oldest, and he doesn't like being yelled at, my youngest doesn't have the capacity to get into as many life threatening binds.  I know I don't like being yelled at, and really why do I yell?  

Pride probably comes into play.  But also its first instinct, especially if we can't keep up with them, because we are focused on us or if they have just tested a boundary.  But yelling, its uncomfortable.  And I know for myself, it sours my day.  So I shouldn't yell, at least not as much as I do.  Adults don't like being yelled at, so I am sure that children don't either.  And sometimes we have issues whether it be differences in personalities or simply that toddlers and preschoolers test your boundaries as they are exploring so much and learning so much.  Maybe the root comes from the fact that we all want our time and our space, and well kids they want us!  Fully. So we act out, just the same as a toddler acts out, but somehow we accept us doing it but not them.  There does need to be a balance, and this is why there are 2 parents!!! And why there are usually good friends that help too. 

Anyway, this Holy Week and then Easter season and beyond, I am going to try my best to yell less.  To be more present, and to involve my kiddos in what I do as much as I can.  Computers and internets can wait till they are sleeping, its better for everyone anyway.  

Now, if I could only not have kiddos darting off into parking lots or biting siblings, then there would be less reason to yell.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Five Favorites, 1st edition

So I am probably doing this wrong, because a lot of my things aren't tangible.  But I think this Lent I need to work on Joy, since I am trying not to complain and such.  So these are 5 things that are my favorites this week that are helping me be more joyful.

1. So the new 17mo learned a new trick.  He hasn't been much of a talker yet, so I was super stoked when he learned the word along with the motion.  It makes me smile and I love it, so check it out if you'd like. 

2. I have an awesome neighbor that let me into the underground ironing ring.  Anyway, an older lady irons shirts for 75cents a shirt.  And since I never get  quite the time to iron, I am gladly taking her up on adding a few of my husbands shirts weekly. 

3. I love, love, love this book by Colleen Carroll Campbell.  I can't even tell you how much I have gotten out of it.  I didn't make it part of my lenten plans, but it has infiltrated itself into them anyway.  So much truth, life and love in it. 

4. I love the new set up of my oldest sons room.  I was ecstatic about the underbed dressers, the wall decals and the train table.  This way when it comes time to move Ephraim over we can actually fit another bed in there.  I love it. 

5. And last, I love the one post by Anne at A Holy Experience wrote today on the rape in Steubenville.  Being part of the culture and the other side of the boys will be boys issue, I just thank God for the good guys that know that they are supposed to be better and more than that.  I honestly think there is an underlining story here and my journey towards Catholicism that I didn't really understand at the time going through it.  But the fact that women really are valued in the Catholic church, with Mary as our Mother, with Theology of the Body, with Women Doctors of the Church, with Women Saints etc, makes me glad that I am finally home. A favorite thing indeed.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Then and now.

This past week we went to Nashville and had the privaledge of staying in the Opryland Hotel there.  We were able to get some photos of the experience in the gardens, and relive some shots that we had taken when Keith and I were first dating.  It's amazing how much 7+ years changes things.  We both became practicing Catholics, got married, bought a house twice, sold a house, had two children, I finished school finally, Keith started school again, etc.

 Sans the children, do we look the same or different?  You tell me.





Sunday, March 17, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, post vacation issue.

Hi all!  I feel like its been a while since I have blogged.  We were on vacation all last week, and while I had access to the internets, I kind of ignored them for the most part.  It was good for the soul. We were in various parts of Nashville for the week visiting friends and family, but now life must return to normal.

I learned a lot during the trip that I think helped me in my Lenten practices, the no complaining thing definitely made me try to have a better time with the crazy things that come with uprooting a 3yo and a 1 yo for a week. But we made it through and actually enjoyed ourselves, that it made it hard to come back to 30 degree weather after leaving 75 degrees.

And since we are back to normal, its time once again for post mass WIWS!  Though I credit this week for most of my clothes being in the wash after traveling, so had to scour the closets for something to wear.  Usually, this outfit would be a pregnancy one, but I did buy it in the non maternity section, so I figured what the hey.  It's not my favorite, but it was clean, and that worked for me.

Tunic: H&M
Undershirt: Halftees
Pants: Target
Shoes: Dansko

And to show my St. Patrick's spirit, I added some green socks! 

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blogging the day

Today was a better day than most, only a few minor bumps along the way.  A day I could relive and be okay with it.

It started with this:

From which we were able to do this, underbed dresser for the win! :

But then the packaging was left over:

So we did this:

And after it was broken, we turned it into this, aka little boy heaven:

But because the sun was shining in Cleveland in the winter we had to get outside and go for a walk like this:

And then even though Mr. Ben took forever to get outside, he didn't want to come in when the rest of us did because he wanted to do this:

And it all ended with a little bit of this: 

Not too shabby of a day overall. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

What I wore Sunday, volume I forget what volume it is

Another Sunday, another WIWS post:

Here's the outfit:

Necklace: Target
Sweater: Old Navy on sale for $7.
Black Undershirt: Halftees!
Pants: Target
Shoes: Dansko

I was inspired by all the color popping people had in the last few WIWS posts. My toddler picked it out  saying he liked it over the gray tunic I was going to wear.  Kids love bright colors.  

Not much formulated thoughts today to share.  I hope you have a brilliant Sunday!

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chuff, Chuff

Yesterday, I was conversing with Ben and here is how it went:

Me: "Today 3 years ago, you decided that you wanted to start coming out of mama's belly and live in the world Ben."
Ben: "What was I doing in your belly, Mama?"
Me: "Well, you were in water, so you were probably going, 'Glug, glug, glug.'"
Ben: "No, Mama. I was chuffing."

My little boy, who more than half the time pretends he is a train and sometimes introduces himself as Thomas, turned three today.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Benjamin!  I love you, little choo-choo.