Thursday, January 24, 2008

Row vs. Wade

Ironically Jane Roe the advocate for abortion in the Roe vs. Wade case has joined the pro-life movement.

Also the daughter of the presider over the case, late Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger, has joined the pro-life movement as well.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pro-Life March Thoughts

Well, guys, to anyone that wants to be inspired that there are other people out there that feel the same way about the sanctity of life as they do, I highly recommend attending this march next year. There are so many people there. Some of my favorites where the seminaries full of the young priests, or those wanting to become priests, and the nuns. The nuns were so anti-typical of what I think of a nun. I tend to sometimes forget and be naive to the world outside my own. And there were people of all different walks of life, colors of skin, age all in the march. I think some of the cutest things I saw were these 2 old men that were marching with their canes. They could barely walk, and yet they were there for the cause. To peacefully protest a governmental decision from 30 some years ago. These people cared about each being in our country, you could tell by their smiles. They weren't negative about it. Only one person had a negative sign in counter to our march, one of a schizmatic group that thinks only Catholics are Christian. (I am not sure how they go to the same church that I go to and believe that.)
My husband pointed out that it seemed that the organizers of the march made it a bit too religious in its start. Because ultimately we want to have more than just Christians up there defending their brother, we want to have the Jews, the muslims, the Buddhists, the Hindus, the atheists all agreeing what science has taught us about life. That life begins at conception, when there is 27 chromosomes present and not just parasitic cells.
There were some interesting organizations there, Virginia democrats for life, The Robert E. Lee Foundation for Life, Jews for Life among the baptists and the catholics. What I wanted to see more of was the Protestants, the evangelicals, you guys believe that life starts at conception, I think you should be out there protesting with us.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

thoughts on the Theology of the Body explained by Christopher West Part 5

I am totally doing this out of order, basically because I failed to put together my thoughts on this stuff until now on a blog because I have been afraid of my family yelling at me more for being Catholic. (Yes i know I'm a wimp!)
Anyway, the fifth part of the theology of the body series is about "The Two Become 'One Flesh': Living the 'Great Mystery' of Marriage". So of course they pull out the essential wedding scripture from Ephesians 5. In this scripture Paul talks about wifes submitting to their husbands. And he also says that husbands should submit to their wifes. There is no domination in this piece of scripture, even though we have been brainwashed to think so. I remember as a little girl growing up thinking, "I am never going to let some guy rule over me" (in reference to this passage). I know many girls that have issues with this passage still today because they think that it means that they are inferior to the man that they are to marry or are married to. I think the person that helped me to think differently about this scripture than the standard cringing way was my friend Jenny. We used to run together for XC, she explained to me one day about how this scripture is about equal submission, and how when a man is the head of the household this doesnt mean that he's a tyrant and is going to starve you or rape you for his own pleasure. No it meant that he is going to weigh out all the major decisions with you, but when it comes to those big family decisions he has the final say because he is acting in the persona of Christ.

So this section goes more into what people think of marriage being at least when you are a teenager, sex, lots and lots of it. And the pope actually goes as far as to talk about how the man is not the only one's needs to be met during a sexual act, but that they should try to climax at the same point. (Speaking from experience when this happens its awesome because you really feel like you are in a prayer). This is what I remember my husband retaining from this lesson when he studied it last year. And he has this way of saying that "The Pope told me to give you orgasms" in a cute way, and I am very glad that he has carried that out. It really makes me enjoy sex, which is a struggle for a lot of women, but this is not what really struck me out of this lesson.

What really struck me was that a woman is an icon for the dwelling place of God. I mean think about this. Mary carried God for 9 months in her womb, because Jesus is both God and human. And all women have a womb just like Mary's that carried God in it. We are walking reminders of a lovely dwelling place for God. Somewhere where God considered it holy enough to stay for 9 months. And I know if you take this one step further and think about how life is concieved, well then i don't know how if you knew you could consider an abortion. I can't ever in any retrospect. And the coolest thing about being an icon for the dwelling place for God is that it explains the attraction between a man and a woman. I always am wondering and asking Keith why do you like me. He is the most uplifting and caring man I know, and sometimes I can be so selfish in my actions toward him. And yet he treats me with genuine kindness and pureness of heart. If your husband thinks of you as a dwelling place for God, and he truely believes, then I think he will be in utter awe over you again and again. And that is truely a gift from God.