1000 gifts

An ongoing list of joys/gifts in my life.  Helping me to live joyously everyday....

1. A boy's joy at seeing me return home from an errand
2. Bulbs pushing through the soil soon to become flowers.
3. Walks that have a different outcome than planned
4. A little boy asking for a hug.
5. A flock of little birds tweeting aloud in a nearby yard.
6. Ephraim barreling at me with 3 shovels in hand, throws the shovels which land every which way and then gives me the hugest hug. 
7. Little boys picking flowers that normal folks would see as weeds and declaring them treasures
8. A picnic lunch outside
9. From scratch sandwich bread that tastes oh so yummy. 
10. The 17 mo E loving to say goodbye to everyone
11. The ability of the 3yo to entertain himself without my prompting
12. Friends from other faith backgrounds that help you see a different perspective
13. Resale shops that are local!
14. My children
15. A husband who understands that I am not a morning person 
16. A roof over my head
17. A husband with a steady job that he enjoys
18. Duplos all over the floor 
19. Neighbors who are there for you
20. Rain that brings green grass and pretty flowers
21. A little boys watching a forever long train from beginning to end with awe.
22. A technology loving husband who always makes sure you have the best for you device needed.
23. Smart Wool Socks
24. A nursing toddler who still needs his mama
25. Hot showers
26. boys bounching and throwing oversized balls up the stairs
27. cereal bowls spilled by little boys
28. tires with tread that help us with rain
29. silly hats that keep us warm but also make us smile
30. God revealing himself in the look backs
31. husbands who will move furniture when its too crowded
32. repurposed table and chairs/bench
33. cloth diapers of bright colors
34. duplos that help one learn math
35. my orange walls in my favorite shade
36. Vitamin D from the sun
37. The moon when it gets so close that you can touch it
38. Lights that help us see at night
39. Newly bought groceries with which to feed the family
40. A new delivery from Amazon
41. Physics knowledge for making new posts
42. The tiredness that comes from a sleepless night that reminds me that with God's help I can get through
43. Biting brothers who help to remind me to love the person and not define them by the action
44. Lonesome evenings that remind me of how much I appreciate the time my husband can be with me
45. Dinosaur feet for little boys
46. Fresh kitchen towels
47. Hooded towels that bring joy
48. Halftees that make me be able to wear shirts comfortably
49. A toddler chasing a bird
50. Figuring out how to 'peddle' a Cosi-Coupe
51. Double bike trailers that hold the kiddos safely
52. Zoos
53. Local ice cream shoppes
54. Milkshakes of odd combos that taste wonderful
55. Netflix
56. Warm days in the midst of cold days
57. Toddler overalls that never stay shut 
58, Cloth diapered fluffy bottoms
59. Old friends that you have no awkwardness with
60. Tulips that have bloomed
61. Knowledge of the difference of a man's brain to a woman's brain
62. A husband who tries his hardest most of the time
63. A pleasant experience at Wal-Mart that normally doesn't happen
64. My name Kiera Aimee - dark haired beloved.  
65. Last supper stone sculpture hanging in my living room
66. My car
67. Friends sharing the joy of new life.
68. Little boys eager to help me with ivy
69. A toddler covered from head to toe in dirt
70. Clothing swap joy
71. New to me outfits for free
72. Pictures that capture a moment in time
73. My fireplace
74. Area rugs that have fun designs
75. DIY toothbrush holders
76. Dishwashers 
77. A basket full of new library books to read to the kids
78. Cutting out ivy with a sense of accomplishment
79. Friends who help do projects together
80. Photo books
81. Books that you forgot you had but are excellent reads
82. Mountains of clothes from which one finds a treasure
83. Flowers that would be dead outside from wind, cut and brought in to give new beauty
84. Peace in Christ
85. Love in Christ
86. Understanding in Christ
87. Ephraim and his animal sound effects
88. Benjamin and his love for his daddy
89. Generous parents
90. The farm market at the edge of our neighborhood and its beautiful owners
91. hot showers that feel so good
92. neti pots that help clear noses
93. a king size bed good for our family lifestyle
94. A little boy willing to be helpful
95. bright primary colors on a shower curtain
96. neighbors who lend each other things
97. a no-cavity dentist appointment
98. A new to me outfit that is just fun to wear
99. deepening friendships with time
100. hard eucharisteo: a rough sleeping 18 month old
101. bloggers who write moving posts
102. Bloggers who get it
103. An orthodox priest who tries his best
104. New beginnings
105. 3 year old boys who sometimes still take naps
106. puzzle solving boys
107. pictures that are beautiful amongst chaos
108. having an abundance so that I can give 
109. The rambunctious 3yo who stops to cuddle and say I love you
110. The husband who patiently waits for food while I try a new recipe
111. a very vocal pope that is really hitting home to a lot of Catholics
112. sticky floors that mean children live here.
113. mimicking 18 month old whom loves his brother
114. drawing on driveways
115. seedlngs sprouting
116. That in this waiting and offness I can pray for others
117. That when it does happen I can be strong and know that God is there for me always
118. That I can handle it because God is there with me
119. Flower petals
120. Children's hands
121. Vases that were gifts
122. Diapers that give way to fluffy butt babies
123. Car frames that protect us from harm
124. The cross that we kiss on Good Friday that always makes me feel awkward, but knowing its meant to be that way.
125. A boy who chases birds
126. The birds that the boy chases
127. Jumpy squirrels 
128. Loving the people that try your patience
129. Having a non sleeping baby for 18 months because Jesus could carry me through it
130. The anxiety that makes me want to seek God more
131. Adoration 
132. Talks with my husband that help us to see where the other is coming from
133. Kids who at least eat some vegetables and fruits
134. Sandboxes
135. Internet friends who just understand
136. 2 nights in a row of Ephraim sleeping through the night.
137. Newly mowed lawns
138. Knowing people in the neighborhood
139. People who give your children compliments when you feel like the kids are driving you crazy
140. Sick little boys who need their mama
141. Cholerics who aren't afraid of people
142. Melancholics who are
143. Melancholics who can intensely study something and just figure it out
144. Choleric children who insist on doing something the wrong way
145. My colorful orange walls
146. My new orange with elephants wallet from Etsy
147. My orange running shoes
148. Muck, always dirty from little boys playing with him outside
149. New tomato plants that get hugs from Ben
150. The large stones that create a pathway for the mail lady to deliver mail to our mail slot
151. Cleaning up baby puke, because its a way I can serve someone who cannot do it for himself. 
152. Doctors appointments that turn up with nothing major wrong
153. Neighbors that will watch my non sick boy so that he can have fun instead of causing ruckus
154. Ducks in the lagoon
155. The gardens in front of the art museum
156. lunches eaten outside
157. Next door neighbors who are friendly
158. Husband who does dishes
159. Simple dinners that taste good
160. Not getting to do what I want so that i can appreciate it when I do get to do what I want.
161. Fresh chicken salad
162. Honey Hut ice cream
163. cold water on a dry throat
164. Little boys petting sheep
165. A little one noticing that a littler one is gone and saving the day
166. Petting zoos
167. Getting thoughts out of my head
168. Playdough construction crew
169. Sick babies that make you have to rely on prayer for them to get better
170. The patience learned in waiting for something good
171. The joy a boy gets in something as simple as a shovel
172. Time away that makes me appreciate what I've got
173. A little boy waving when I say to say Hi to someone on the phone
174. Reading endless books because even though its tiring it means they are engaged
175. For a dad that cares and loves
176. A driveway to draw on with chalk
177. My mantle so that I can place things on it
178. Computer screens that adjust to lighting automatically
179. Cries for a mama that only she can satisfy
180. Extended nursing bonding 
181. The amazing hospitality of a difficult day to day personality loved one
182. Seeing the boys take to the neighbor dogs and call them their favorites
183. Days with a fever making me remember to be thankful for good health
184. A friend who buys me an excellent book that is just what i needed
185. Triggers that make you want to dive more into scripture
186. The days that babies sleep in
187. Morning coffee
188. Family snuggles in the big bed
189. The vegetable tags that let me know which plant is which in the garden
190. Ephraim who kept wanting to walk on his hands outside
191. A little boy who put stickers on mama's computer
192. A baby who is finally eating enough again to want a snack
193. The baby learning to sign baby, melts me
194. Expanding vocabulary of toddlers
195. A protective older brother who you know is just meant to be the oldest
196. The rememberance of childlike faith
197. The hand that holds you when you get overwhelmed and will see you through
198. Jesus giving us the assurance that good will overcome evil in the end
199. That Jesus will never abandon me
200. Outside clothes line that use the warmth of the sun for drying
201. The fun that simply comes from a bucket of water
202. Reading a book outside on a blanket
203. The smallness of our house making it feel cozy.
204. The old leaded glass door with fun design windows.
205. The old fashioned key that actually works on the upstairs deck
206. Toddler legs that toddle
207. 3yo legs that some how run like a kid and no longer like a baby
208. Little boys that catch bubbles
209. A little boy who learns so much from his older brother
210. Cuddles on the couch after a rough nap wake-up. 
211. How I can entice a straying toddler with a hug, it makes me melt and smile all in one
212. A sleeping baby in the car
213. Tall trees that create shade
214. Fresh towels to use after a bath
215. A pantry full of food
216. Contacts with which to see
217. Fireflies
218. Constellations
219. The sound of the wind amplified in the dark
220. A baby figuring out how to climb an obstacle on the playground
221. Being able to discuss things like guardian angels with 3 yos
222. The age of 3, its highs and lows, and its awesomeness
223. The joy of kids swinging on swings
224. A kid who actually does the motions to songs
225. A baby who drags the ball up a flight of stairs just to throw it down them and repeat the process again and again
226. Understanding that the fear comes from a false sense of control
227. Green grass
228. Warmth from cold
229. Ephraim who constantly wants to stand on his head (gift found upside down)
230. Their willingness to watch their grandchildren
231. Their faith, though imperfect, is at least standing strong
232. Their relationship 40 years in the making, though full of heartache at times, is an example of Christ's love for his chuch and vice versa
233. A flower for being a mother
234. A child and his love for mama
235. A phone that connects to the world at my fingertips
236. The warmth of my mom's hugs
237. The high standard that she holds for me that eggs me on to do my best
238. Her ability to make something functional quickly. 
239. Picked Up: A cucumber from the local corner store
240: Put Away: Cold Milk in the refrigerator
241. Put Back: The double driving cart for the boys at the grocery store
242. gift about you: being able to freely dance to music
243. gift about you: ability to bring joy to my children
244. gift about you: multi-tasking for sanity
245. grilled food eaten in the backyard
246. new baby bunnies under a hutch
247. living in a neighborhood where kids play outside
248. silly boys standing in water tables
249. Friends coming through for other friends
250. Flying kites
251. Playgrounds that are like kingdoms
252. Assurance of never being abandoned
253. Knowing that Jesus has reconciled us back to God
254. Knowing of how much Christ loves the church, us. 
255. A quarter book at a garage sale
256. Miniature mighty machines for a little boy in a fruit bag
257. A cara box for a new friend
258. A willingness to play with one's brother
259. Understanding why siblings when willed by God are a good thing
260. Being welcomed adult interaction to a friend
261. The heat in May
262. Making houses out of leaves
263. Playing out in the treehouse
264. Climbing trees without being told not to do so
265. Dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel
266. Turkey Hill chocolate marshmellow ice cream
267. Grapefruits 
268. Pretzels 
269. A morning of fun at the kiddie park
270. Simultaneous napping babies
271. Getting a shower in the middle of the day
272. Freshly bathed children
273. Homemade pie crust
274. Being able to rock a toddler to sleep all by myself
275. For the times that we mis-explain something tragic to a small person
276. A toddler who when rocked rocks to sleep quickly
277. The love a pre-schooler has for others
278. A 3yo who enthusiastically adds an extra holy spirit to his sign of the cross
279. The joy of a baby with a ball
280. The willingness of a child to want to contribute
281. Silly kiddos who water a pile of dirt rather than flowers.
282. A sillier kiddo who waters himself instead of the dirt even.
283. A much needed thunderstorm to cool down the day.
284. Silly Disney shows like Pair of Kings
285. Silly babies jumping on the bed
286. A kiddo who has chocolate all over their face
287. Support found in community
288. A extra set of eyes to look out for you and your family
289. Good conversation
290. A new Cara box full of fun goodies, especially things to eat
291. The yellow finch plate from the Cara box that now gets to be shown in my curio cabinet
292. An avocado tree that has dirt in it that the littles cannot contain themselves from digging in it.
293. Whiny babies that whine throughout the whole of mass
294. Unwelcome stares that make you feel like you can't handle your children
295. Letting go of crutches
296. The whispered "nothing" that my husband always does when he dances with me
297. White trim that brings out the color on the walls of my house
298. Shoes that don't hurt your feet.
299. A niece's love for her young nephew
300. A full table of people around it
301. The joy of No when you want a yes
302. A morning of free water play and trains
303. Recognizing traits of yourself in your child
304. Being able to cry to Jesus before him in the Eucharist
305. Daily Mass
306. Acceptance of children always
307. Seeing the plants grow from watering them
308. The willingness of Ben to set the table for dinner
309.  New clothes washed that bring smiles to kiddos
310. Having a new day ahead of me
311. Finding shoes for Ben to be ring bearer
312. Having everyone in bed by 8pm
313. Little blue spoons and forks that Ben always has to have
314. Blue batman capes
315. Thomas the tank engine
316. For the times you have to discipline constantly because you know your child is growing
317. Boys who love playing with each other on the big bed.
318. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
319. A book read to a toddler
320. A playdate with friends
321. Ephraim's orange shirt that makes him look like a frat boy baby in a cute way
322. My orange chinatown purse
323. Orange Juice
324. The silly phase where kids want to talk on the phone but when on it don't say anything
325. Orange snake outside the bank
326. Cottage cheese and syrup
327. How toddlers have to hoard all the things
328. Tantrums that consist of headstands
329. How a stool that a toddler can maneuver changes everything
330. Having someone tell me that they haven't laughed that hard in a long time
331. A toddlers reaction to licorice taffy
332. A husband always willing to listen
333. Seeing a familiar face in the grocery store
334. Driving around on Empty but never ending up stranded
335. Making more money on resale clothes than expected
336. Growth in Christ
337. Friendship
338. A smile knowing that someone is always looking out for me
339. Peace falling asleep early and knowing it is okay to do so
340. Hope that new life will form
341. For little ones who love their little friends
342. Knowing that the no is what God intends
343. Crying in front of the Eucharist trying to see that its okay
344. Being awake when you just want to be able to sleep
345. Ephraim
346. Boys that use slides backwards
347. Benjamin
348. Keith
349. Second chances
350. Seeing a character really try to live out a Christ-like life
351. Seeing chastity as a good quality instead of what the world sees it as
352. A just emptied grocery bag.
353. An emptied dishwasher
354. An emptied lego box because a creation has been made
355. Seeing my boys hold hands waiting to approach the other kids
356. Seeing how they are creative in their play together
357. Having a super sleepy boy just melt in your arms
358. Having an extra hour of sleep
359. A nice fresh sandwich
360. Finding a size 3 soccer ball
361. The painting from my aunt that was a wedding gift
362. A finger painted picture by Ben
363. A boy full of paint from fingerprinting
364. A full head of hair on my boys
365. A full stomach
366. A full basket of track
367. Bubblegum Body wash that is just so odd but sweet
368. A fresh bar of soap
369. A freshly shampooed boy's head
370. Unexpected frozen mocha brought home by my husband
371. A baby who objects to most things
372. Kids who lasted walking the whole time at train day
373. The story of St. Thomas the realist who my kid can relate to
374. The story of Esther who teaches us to have gumption and stand for truth
375. The biblical saints
376. Wagon wheels that helps us on walks
377. Toddler legs that toddle instead of run like their older brothers
378. A fan that cools the room on a hot day
379. A wanting what is best for me
380. Never giving up on me even when its hard
381. Pushing me to do my best
382. That God is working through imperfect me
383. A new midwife that listens.
384. Baking sweet potato muffins with the kids in the morning
385. Running/flying to the voting booth with Ben
386. For the times you know God's mercy is there
387. Realizing you still have a lot of molding to do and that God will see you through
388. For forgiveness
389. That wanting to love better
390. Baby girl
391. getting a birth that I needed to redeem birth for me
392. Boy who was proud to call his mama his teacher
393. Dinner dates with friends
394. Little people who all want to be on my lap at once
395. A baby girl who loves her rocking horse
396. For little boys who love to bake muffins with me
397. For friends who have children who play well with mine
398. For friends who have children who play differently than mine so that mine can learn its okay to be different
399. For ice skating dates with the husband
400. For new friends made in the past year
401. For gymnastics class helping me to step back in some things
402. For a husband who understands how to help me function
403. Ginger beer
404. Phineas and Ferb as a family show
405. Alexa and all her uses to make family life run smoother
406. For getting to love my lost babies for as long as I did
407. For Sunday naps
408. For kids who want me to knit them hats
409. For a break
410. For Ohio wine country beauty
411. For Victoria and John
412. For a husband who respects me and other women
413. For playmates for my kids
414. For coffee shop writing time
415. For safety on solo walks in the snow 
416. For friends nearby
417. For friends liking good books
418. For a husband who willingly gives me breaks
419. For friends that recommend good books 
420. For the joy of knitting for those I love
421. For Stella's love of baby shark
422. For kids who enjoy a good audio book 

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