Tuesday, February 25, 2020

To my Helena Girl

I wrote this awhile back. I write when I need to process something that was terrible. I want to make it something good. At lot of times, Helena is my muse. She's a wonderful person and I love seeing her grow. And yes, we do have our hard moments, but she is truly a unique irreplaceable person and I try to be daily thankful to the gift that is her. And as she turned a year older on Saturday, I thought I would share a poem sequence that I wrote about her this past summer.

"Mama, How do You Love Me?"

by Kiera Kurak

"Mama, how do you love me?"

I love you to the moon and back.

I love you wherever you go.

I love you whatever you do.

I love you through big messes.

I love you when you snuggle with hugs and kisses.

I love you when you're being brave.

I love you when you are being silly.

I love you when you are sad or mad.

And I love you just because you are you.


Happy 6th Birthday, Helena girl!