Friday, March 28, 2014

New baby things...the third time around.

I always see posts for what is actually useful for a baby. I don't think I've ever done one, or at least I have forgotten if I have.  So I figured I'd try one of these out because well, my brain can't handle much else these days, and maybe just maybe it will help me to blog a bit more. So here goes, I consider myself more on the minimalist side of buying things since we live in a small house and I don't have that much room to store all the stuff.  Then, on top of that I tend to be more granola than not, so take those in to account when you check out this list.

1. Mei Tai Carrier  - my go to when I need both hands, works with bigger babies too, but the little ones get frog legged and just bury themselves into you. (A lot of times I just zip her in my coat for extra support when out on a walk)
 Mei Tai :annacarriebaby

2. Bouncer - I don't usually use that many devices anymore, my kids just seem to not like them.  But this is the one that they do. It works well for siblings to interact with baby and give your back and hands a break

3. kissaluvs, prefolds, diaper covers, and a package of spouses - I'm a cloth diaperer, but the first few weeks, I give myself a break.  The cloth diapers while awesome in many ways, are hard to fit on a brand new baby. Those legs need some chub for the diapers to work well.  So I allow myself to slowly ease into it for the first month to six weeks or so. Then the kissaluvs and the pre-folds come into play and I don't want to go back because I usually am hating on the disposables and their lack of holding poop at that point.

4. Sling - There are many different type of slings, mine is from seven slings, and it works great with a newborn to keep them tight to your body and gives them that mama reassurance baby likes as a newborn.

5. sleepers - I don't dress little babies much, this might change with a girl now.  Eh, probably not, but what I do use are sleepers.  They are easy and they are warm since I seem to have babies born in colder weather.

6. swaddlers - My babies don't like to be swaddled forever, but for the first few weeks they really do like it.  We have a few miracle blankets for this and a kidapotamus one that has velcro and makes it easy.

7. foam bed rail- This makes me feel at easy with bed sharing.  No one falls or gets stuck in a crack.
They are apparently called magic bumpers, found on amazon here.

8. a few receiving blankets - these have many uses, whether to catch spit up, swaddle, soak up extra breast milk, or as a semi nursing cover for those folks who aren't comfortable around nursing mamas.

9. Nursing gear - breast pads, and nursing tanks or bras. I'm more of the nursing tank gal, but again I have cold weather babies and exposed stomach means I get cold.  Lanolin is also good to have around those first few weeks or if you get a cracked nipple.

10. Prayer - I've been known to sing an Our Father for a lullaby and when I'm feeling like I'm a mess and everything around me is overwhelming, I pray the simple prayer, of "Sacred Heart of Jesus, I put my trust in Thee." It's really good in the middle of the night when the anxiety hits me like a rock sometimes.