Tuesday, September 30, 2008

hmm, emotional but why?

After liking the sound of the song on the radio, and then watching the video on youtube,Hush by Automatic Loveletter I wonder why I like it, maybe its because I had thoughts like this before I met Keith. But what is this song about? Really when it comes down to it, its about the fact that a relationship has died and the video makes it out to be a relationship where there is sex and no value of commitment in marriage. What culture has accepted as normal, but for me its not. Because by the grace of God I got the real thing, and I should thank God more for that everyday. I don't have to go through the pain of having a loveless relationship that is full of inconsistencies and is searching for something more always, so that when they engage in sex they are left empty because they don't have that love there. So thank-you Daddy God. Thanks for Keith. Thanks for helping me through my struggles so that Keith and I can have a strong marriage in you. Thank-you for not having the culture sway me into thinking that Keith isn't worth it, but instead for you showing me that he is worth keeping around for a lifetime. Thank-you for giving me the grace to keep our relationship in your hands and keep it pure and chaste. I love you for that.

Monday, September 22, 2008

its not that he's black

Is race an issue?

I really don't think it is at all for me? At least I would hope to think so. Someone wise (Lance Roy) once told me that there are two kinds of people in this world good and bad. Now knowing a lot more these are intertwined a lot. But in general it holds up, would you want a president who makes good decisions when it comes to life or one that is afraid to impose the fact that life begins at conception to people. It is not a faith matter. And to me its not because he is black that I won't vote for him. Its because he doesn't have an regard for humanity at its earliest stages or even when they have been born alive through partial birth abortion. There have been many before him that haven't been able to decide on a scientific fact that I chose not to vote for as well. And will continue to not vote for them until they get it right. Granted Mr. McCain doesn't understand why the death penalty is wrong and why embryonic stem cell research is wrong, but he at least gets that the Roe V. Wade case was totally wrong. And so ultimately he is the lesser of the two evils. And as a take along he has a brilliant woman who is poised, feminine and strong, and will fight inside liberal mentality of womens' rights. I think that whoever came up with that term really had fallen hard into the trap that women must be in competition with men instead of being a woman with all her glory and honor. And that is something I am trying to fight within me daily. But back to my real point. You either choose to follow someone who stands up for what is right or someone who makes bad choices just because they don't want to offend someone. I want to to choose the person who makes the right choices.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Setting me Up to be Catholic and the Power of Women

So two unrelated things that I want to address today. First, maybe another link as to why I am a Catholic convert. And Second, women can take a whole lot more than you think society and some prominent males think they can.

1. So today after reading a Lisa Hendey post on Faith and Family Live , I was looking at Catholic Names which is a site that gives you an appropriate name for a Catholic child born on a certain day. I mean its not something that is mandated, but its something someone probably thought of so that the saints could be remembered even more and would be another way to teach your child about Catholicism. So I was looking up what it would have been for the day I was born. I looked in the girls names, but there was none given for Sept. 13, so I then looked in the boys names. And oddly enough Aime came up. So google the meaning of the name, and it brought me to a page that said Aime or otherwise spelled Aimee, and if you know me then you know that's my middle name. And then looking more into the month of Sept. Names, the 9th of September was Kieran. The boy version of Kiera, my first name, so odd. So I just wonder if my parents knew what they were doing when they named me. God works in mysterious ways.

2. Reading an article in The Los Angeles Times about Sarah Palin making a mistake by being thankful for her downs syndrome child, made me think about the power of women. In this article a Canadian doctor promotes first Eugenics, by saying that Downs children are not worthy of living. But really what gets to me in this is that the reason he says that they should be aborted is that most women can't handle a Downs baby. Well first of all most women don't have downs babys. God gives them to a select few, and you know what these women are much stronger than you think Eugenics promoting doctor. I think that for some reason we are told that we can't handle anything but the normal, or even better anything that is painful. Really we can. We are women. We a built to be multi-taskers and pain takers and are built for the tough situations that arise in motherhood. We can take care of a disabled child or a child that has an extra chromosome. So stop saying that we can't. I'm sick of it. I am sick of people saying that oh you can't have a kid why you are still in school, that kid will be screwed up. Or oh you can't have a baby because you don't have a steady income. What about all those women in developing countries that handle so much more than we do in their lives and are mothers as well? They can be mothers and good mothers at that, so I think us posh americans can do it too. Women have the ability be amazing when they live the lives that they are intended to by God. So society please stop making us be a man instead of a woman, and stop telling us we aren't strong enough to rise up to the occasion of dealing with the abnormal, or even the non-pampered normal. We can!

Friday, September 5, 2008


So there have been many things in the last few weeks that have come to mind that I would maybe want to blog about. Usually though I would think about them at times that I couldn't write about it. So I wouldn't and would just shove the ideas in the back of my mind. So today I needed to write.

Why is the sex industry and porn so acceptable in our society? On the one hand its thought of as a bad thing, but then every single person has their experiences with it. And even if someone intends something to be for the romance aspect. Well, it still creates feelings in the person watching or reading, that shouldn't be happening in that setting. I think that we want to think the best of people at times. We want our heroes to be people that are not involved in the culture of death. Death of the pure and holy things. But then all of those around us are proud of their experiences with these degradations, these piles of cow crap. It makes me angry but also makes me sad. There was a guy today that said that when he is around porn and such he gets nauseous, well honestly I think thats a better thing than being stimulated by it. It actually makes me think that guy has a better grasp on how terrible we have made sex out to be. Why haven't we taught guys what sex is really about. Why haven't we learned ourselves as women to respect ourselves enough to say no or to not dress like a slut. I guess its cause we suck. And I blame the people that want to pull others down into the dumpster because for some reason that dumpster must be pretty appealing. Maybe it has a beautiful painting on the front of it or something, or a whole bunch of footballs.

The part that has hit lately is the whole human trafficking thing. So many of these women are not in it because they want to be. Something or someone has made them be. And it sucks. I have to try not to cry at this because I would, I know how much a misrepresentation of sex can screw a person up. And its not fun, the thrill of it doesn't last if there is any thrill. It just sends you into a depression, at least it did for me.

I want to challenge those people that read this, the whole 2 of them, to really live out who God made them be, a sexual being, but not one that sees the opposite sex as meat or a humping post, and to dress in a way that is flattering but not revealing. Girls are beautiful to guys, and guys are handsome to girls. But lets not picture them naked, or obsess about them. Just treat them like your best friend, or your sister. I mean think of it this way would you want your sister or brother to be defiled by every man or woman she came in contact with. No. So don't do it yourself to someone else's sister or brother.

So I probably didn't have a real point. All I know is that this world is oversexualized and we aren't helping the matter by bragging about strip club experiences or porn experiences. So just stop. Read a Theology of the Body book and just start living life the way we are intended to do so.

Enough said...