Monday, September 22, 2008

its not that he's black

Is race an issue?

I really don't think it is at all for me? At least I would hope to think so. Someone wise (Lance Roy) once told me that there are two kinds of people in this world good and bad. Now knowing a lot more these are intertwined a lot. But in general it holds up, would you want a president who makes good decisions when it comes to life or one that is afraid to impose the fact that life begins at conception to people. It is not a faith matter. And to me its not because he is black that I won't vote for him. Its because he doesn't have an regard for humanity at its earliest stages or even when they have been born alive through partial birth abortion. There have been many before him that haven't been able to decide on a scientific fact that I chose not to vote for as well. And will continue to not vote for them until they get it right. Granted Mr. McCain doesn't understand why the death penalty is wrong and why embryonic stem cell research is wrong, but he at least gets that the Roe V. Wade case was totally wrong. And so ultimately he is the lesser of the two evils. And as a take along he has a brilliant woman who is poised, feminine and strong, and will fight inside liberal mentality of womens' rights. I think that whoever came up with that term really had fallen hard into the trap that women must be in competition with men instead of being a woman with all her glory and honor. And that is something I am trying to fight within me daily. But back to my real point. You either choose to follow someone who stands up for what is right or someone who makes bad choices just because they don't want to offend someone. I want to to choose the person who makes the right choices.

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