Friday, January 18, 2019

Goals 2019

I'm sitting here with my 22month old in my lap as she eats a frozen Moo Tube as part of her breakfast. I wanted to write today, so I am. I guess I could state my goals for 2019. One of them is knitting related so here goes.

* I want to knit each person in the family a pair of socks. So far there are 1.5 pairs done. Only 4.5 to go. 😊

* I want to continue to learn German and keep up learning something for myself throughout the whole year. I am enjoying doing this for me in a way that is not for a purpose except to just keep learning.

*I want to read at least 65 books, and I'm about 5 books in.  I love to read and if you have a certain book you think should be on my list, let me know and I will add it to my to read list on Goodreads if I haven't already read it. Also feel free to be my friend on Goodreads by putting in my email, .  I love to see what others are reading and get ideas for more books.

*I want to consistently continue to write my memoir for my girls weekly. At the the very least I get an hour or two to hang out at the coffee shop, and at the best I get to tell my story so it won't be lost to the ones I love.

* I am trying to figure out the right fit for my family to help either with refugees or with foster families, not to foster full time, but to help in a smaller way. Our house doesn't really allow for us to have another non traditional family member stay there with 3 bedrooms and already 6 people. But we can still help and are looking at organizations to help where we can. Pray that we find the right fit for us.

My word for the year by the random generator was recalibrate, so perhaps that will come into play more, or perhaps I need to choose one on my own still.  Whatever though comes, God is here, he has won the battle over evil and can help me through anything that comes my way.

Here's to a fruitful blessed 2019!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A heart opening

Not a surgery thing at all. I do have a child with a heart defect, but she is currently in status okay and not status fix. Lately, I've been thinking about the poor. I have been in many head battles with myself about my own arrogance. I struggle often with thinking I have got this down better than another. I most days can see that I clearly do not. That instead I am in need of Jesus too. I am maybe needing to meet him differently, but really maybe not even so. Maybe I am in need of him in the exact same way I just have the resources to cover it up better. Because isn't that all that separates us really, resources and access to them.