Monday, March 11, 2019

Happy Birthday, Ben!!

Dear Ben,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You are 9 and that means you are halfway to adulthood. You were my first baby that I got to hold in my arms. You often remind me that technically you weren’t my first-first baby because you are a rainbow baby and you identify with that with your sister who is one as well. You are wise beyond your years at times and I often sit back and watch you operate a conversation as an adult would, perhaps better than some adults. 

You challenge me in your personality as it's a dynamic one, but I think you are amazing in it. You are not afraid to voice your opinion, sometimes to a fault. I blame the Great British Baking Show for that one. Paul Hollywood, I’m looking at you. However, lacking fear in this, and having persistence in what you want to accomplish will probably do you well in life. 

It’s been fun watching you grow and seeing how you react to certain situations. You have taken off with reading this year reading chapter book after chapter book. You still will listen to an audio book without limits, a good story captivates you every time. 

Your love of video games abounds and sometimes its hard for me to enter into this world with you, but I try in bits and you welcome me graciously. You will always share about your favorite game no matter what. 

I pray for you to grow even more this year, and I am thankful to know you as you. Keep being you and love everyone no matter what. 

With Love,
Your Mama