Friday, August 15, 2008


Ranting a bit because I am tired.

1. Soccer is a sport, so get used to it stupid Americans who don't get it. Once you are on the in with it then you can officially appreciate. If you still don't think its a sport then I retaliate by saying American football is not a sport.

2. I like being Catholic. I just do, there is so much about it that is awesome and the church that I was confirmed and married in is awesome too for being so true to the faith.

3. No sleep makes me feel old. I don't want to be old, nor look old.

4. In all actuality I wouldn't mind presenting my selenium stuff.

5. I think there is a reason that living together before marriage doesnt work for actually staying married, and that is because it carries out a culture of death and of selfishness. People are like oh we have to try this before making a commitment. But already you have two things going against you. One, there is a liberty of getting out because there is no benefit for the one person thus creating a relationship of use instead of love. Love is way more complicated than a feeling. Even I have trouble with this sometimes, but then I have the most excellent husband that reminds me what love is as he is Christ-like in his demeanor. So with the sense that there has to be some benefit for me, is selfish, pure selfishness.

Two, living together before marriage promotes a culture of death because most cases if you are living together that means you are having a non-platonic relationship, there is sexual arrousal or even, my gosh!, sex involved. And besides the whole emotional aspect that it screws up a girl, she has this disease of fertility that has to be cured so that we can pleasure without responsibility. So she either has to subject herself to having some polymer material stuck up her vagina, or hormones that make her sometimes have major complications or just depression and mood swings. And the death of it is, that the man and woman engaging in this act well they aren't open to life. Because life would make things complicated and screw up their selfish ways. So us women we have to cure this disease of fertility and we end up having a whole bunch of abortifacient chemicals in our systems. Death. lovely death. Why why why!!!!!!

6. And lastly when your friend tells you she wants to get an iud stuck up her what do you do? Reading about it, its primary form of birth control is early abortions. You try to promote NFP, but in a relationship of sex outside marriage, NFP is really hard to do, because its just completely contradictory to what is going on there. Craziness. So you think about it and you know what society tells you you can't tell her what to do, because its her freakin choice GRRRRRRR. Why do I want to promote selfishness. I want to promote selflessness, and life, not death. GRRRRRRRR.

Ok done ranting. Peace.

Monday, August 11, 2008

i wish i didn't see the effects of stress

Exactly that. I wish that I could do something and not be so stressed out by it and in the process actually feel God being in control, but I don't. For some reason I let stress get to me. GRRR. So pray for me if you read this. I need it.

Sometimes I wonder how do I eliminate the stress, but I think I simply need to see it differently. Because my new learned lesson is that prayer doesn't change God's heart, it changes ours. So yeah, I really need mine changed on this one. Really.