Saturday, April 5, 2014

7 Quick takes...on Saturday am

1. Helena got baptized!! Hooray! Girl was a pro and basically slept through the whole thing. The lovely Emily of Fine Linen and Purple/ Emily Runs and her husband Jim are her awesome godparents.

2. It actually hit 60 degrees three times this week, so we have been trying to air out the house and rid of us of the germs.  I still have no voice and am full of junk every morning, so I'm not sure it really worked.  But the warm fresh air does feel good!

3. Amongst the warmer weather, there were crazy winds. One of these winds managed to knock over a storage shelving container in the garage and blow out everything into the driveway, which included old rat poison that was behind it.  Ephraim, our lovely 2yo, found said container and I caught him playing with it.  He potentially ate some, so I called poison control and now he is on watch till next Thursday for any random odd bleeding, at which we rush him to the doctors office for treatment.

4. Ben has been struggling with some essential concepts this week, waiting his turn for something/waiting in general patiently and thinking every little injustice is the end of the world. I'm hoping we learn how to deal with these things and he outgrows them quickly.

5. In a random mom thing that won't make sense to non-parents.  Ben finally figured out how to snap in the bottom buckle of his car seat.  This will make my life 5% easier in general, and probably 20% more easy when it comes to getting everyone into the car.

6. Helena turns 6 weeks old today! It does finally feel like we are in a semi-routine finally and that I am able to do things with all three and not want to cry through every moment because its just that hard.  So here's to another six weeks we can do this!

7. My partner in crime, DH, RHL, Keith, or @llamaluvr turns 31 today.  Wish him a very happy birthday if you know him. And if you have any crazy obtainable beer suggestions for a present for him, let me know. I'm a bit behind on the present getting for him.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Pregnancy week to week

I've been meaning to get this together for a while now. So here goes, an approximate week by week slideshow of my pregnancy with Helena.