Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A post Lent recap

As I sit here hoping the baby stays asleep upstairs, I will try to do a quick reflection on lent 2012.  So this lent, I gave up social media, which was really hard.  But on top of that I added in reading a chapter of the Bible a day and we tried to pray at the local abortion clinic weekly for the 40 days for Life campaign.

So what did I learn?

First, the original reason I gave up social media was that it was a time sucker.  And this is very true for me.  So what did I do with this time?  Well I read a lot of books and called friends and tried to be more present to my kids.  But I think what I learned mostly from my giving it up is that there is a fine line between using it for connecting to people and craving the attention that people give one on it.  I can easily fall into the attention craving bit so post lent, as I return to social media I am going to work on this.  To really enjoy the conversations but keep a good balance and check to see where my thoughts are going with it.

Second, reading the Bible daily is a good thing, and a habit I want to keep up.  So I'm continuing this and am thankful for Lent to be able to get a good thing going.

Third, praying in front of an abortion clinic is hard with 2 kids 2 and under.  Either the baby was sick or it was too cold or snowing.  But our whole family did get there twice and Keith was able to go every week. The times we did go as everyone were good.  One of those was on St. Patrick's Day where the people were out in massive numbers shouting drunken insults and such.  However, despite the few insults, we had many more honks and thumbs ups.  It kind of makes one think just maybe this nation of ours is becoming more pro-life.

And that's a wrap.  How was lent for you?  I'd love to hear about your experiences.

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