Sunday, January 20, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, the it's freezing outside edition.

It's time for another...

It was super cold this Sunday, so the object today was to dress warmly in layers! It seriously dropped about 30 degrees in less than 24 hours.  Yesterday a coat wasn't necessary but today I wanted at least 2 of them on me with the cold, cold wind outside!

So here is the outfit:

The outfit
Crazy Hair: due to wearing a hat
Necklace: no idea!
Sweater: from a clothing swap, originally from Gap
Undershirt: American apparel but probably from Marshall's since I don't think I've ever shopped at an actual American apparel store.
Skirt: my mom gave it to me as a skirt to get through pregnancies, but apparently I wear it outside of its intended use, its super comfy and warm on these super cold days. 
Tights: Sam's Club, you can't see them but they were needed with the cold day in the layering process
Boots: Target 

And here are the munchkins and I leaving mass, my husband took this picture as a Four Square checkin marking, I liked the picture so I thought I would share.  The kiddos are getting so big!  I feel like we are in a weird transitional phase with family where we now have two toddlers instead of a baby anymore. Though one toddler is in the constant destructo phase and the other yelling at him for destroying everything.  Oh life is interesting at least everyday.

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  1. I love solids paired with solids. It always looks nice :)

  2. I love the sweater and the beautiful necklace! Cute photo of you with your kiddos!

  3. Ooh, I love long skirts too. They're just so comfy. I know what you mean about the weather- it's been so weird around here lately!

  4. I LOVE your skirt and those boots - I can't believe they're from Target - if I'd ever seen them there I would have snatched them up. You look lovely.

  5. Oh man you are so cute. I love your outfit!
    Long skirts are my favorite, which is why I don't have any right now. I wear them and wear them and wear them and then they get holes. hahaha
    I hope you're keeping warm!

  6. I love the black and the white together. And those boots look super warm!

  7. I like it. I am actually quite jealous of the boots they look so warm and comfy!

  8. Thanks ladies. The boots were a clearance item at Target. We are keeping warm, though the kids don't quite get why they can't be out forever in this cold.