Sunday, June 27, 2010

bits of randomness. yeah.

1. I am back to really writing my thesis instead of reading and writing down tons of notes.  This means I am up to a little over 18 pages written so far, which is good.

2. Since the US is out.  Who should I root for?  I am picking Uruguay, since they are slightly underdogish compared to the soccer powerhouses that are left.

3. England getting out in the same round as the US makes me feel like the US is actually starting to play better.  Or is England just becoming worse?

4. Its hot here for Cleveland.  I think the high for today is 95, and for us up here that are not used to the heat, this is very uncomfortable.  We would rather have our snow, at least I would.  Luckily its supposed to be back to 70 in two days.

5. Ben is enjoying grabbing at things.  Especially when I sit him on my lap.  He will grab at anything including breakable things, so I have to watch him like a hawk or we will have many a broken glasses or at least spilled beverages.

6. I think Keith and I are going to try to podcast again.  It should be interesting if we actually keep with it.

7. I finally got sleep last night, and it felt great!

8. We are headed to Wilkes-Barre, PA this week for the holiday to visit family, which is a 6.5 hour trip, normally.  So prayers will be much appreciated as we take this adventure with the little one, especially with his car crying record.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

7 quick takes lazy Saturday edition

1. Ben is now ticklish and its so much fun.

2. Discovered a new podcast called Catholic Family Journal that is super fun.

3. Been having sleep issues this week. And not Ben, but me not being able to sleep. So pray those resolve themselves.

4. World Cup frenzy is full fledge in this house and its super fun.  The US seems to have put together a pretty good team too.

5. I'm excited for a future event for a family member of mine, and that is all I am saying cause I don't know who reads this.

6. My parents are on a world adventure. They went to San Francisco, and are presently in Hawaii, and are soon to be if not already in South Korea.  They are going to visit the family of the exchange student that they have been hosting for the last 2 years and will host for another year till she graduates.

7. My brother had another world adventure to Ecuador and Columbia. The guy's first plane trip ever was to Japan, and since then has been to Brazil and Germany and now these two countries.  Odd thing was as bad of a rep as Columbia and Ecuador have for being unsafe, it wasn't till he was back in the US in Miami, that he hit trouble.  He had his car rear ended and totalled and then his digital camera stolen by the tow truck company that his insurance recommended.  But the good news is that he is totally safe and fine, and he gets to pick out a new car.  Car shopping is always fun, its like house shopping except smaller.

Ok.  Attempt for nap time now.

Take care all.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Shakira for the world cup

watching univision gets this stuck in my head.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a favorite

Loving this smile today,

though it seems to be mixed with a lot of crying as well.
Oh the life in babyland.

Friday, June 11, 2010

just a thought

So a friend of mine from college announced she was pregnant again. She was shocked that she was because she was on artificial birth control, and said that God must really wanted her to have this little one because of that.  So this makes me think.

Wouldn't God have wanted her to have this baby even if she wasn't on birth control, and at the same amount of wanting if not more? Because if you think of it, in one way she was not trusting God by being on artificial birth control, versus not being on it and trusting God with the size and spacing of her family.

And honestly I struggle with this too, but this example makes me want to trust God more with this.  I have definitely worried about having my kids too close together, but the worry is fruitless, and just makes me appreciate the gift of life less.  I am working on trusting God with the size and spacing of my family while not doing anything to thwart his will.  I just have to get my head right.  And overtime, the trust will be there if I keep up communicating with Him.

On another note, I know some folks have to use formula for one various reason or another, but for those who use it for convenience sake.  Does this add yet another reason to be tempted to use artificial birth control?  From my perspective, its not really worth it.  Too many detrimental effects come from art. bc. whether it be a health reason or a strained marriage.  And if you disagree with me you are allowed to do so, but I definitely wouldn't want to increase my risk of cervical cancer and breast cancer just to having the feeling of more control over something unnaturally. (this does not rule out NFP)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A lazy Sunday of pictures

Just thought I would make this a photo blog of things happening around here.
First proof of the new crib:
Next Ben in his new to him Johnny Jumper.  Though he hasn't figured out the jumping bit yet, he is enjoying that he can stand and look around.

And last but not least, a peaceful sleeping baby.  On the floor in the living room, 
since he tends to roll off of things.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

we bought a crib

So yeah, it took me till Ben was three months old, but we bought a crib.  The main reason being that Ben has become a roller and it was no longer safe to do co-sleeping in our king sized bed.  So now he has a crib to the side of our bed.  The one sides a little lower so its easier to get him in and out at night which is nice.  And for the the crib and mattress it was about 115$ total. Which is nice for me and my cheapskate mind.

We also had a three month old landmark pass this past wednesday.  So the 4th trimester as they call it is over.  Which coincidentally at the same time Ben started to put himself on a schedule of sleeping 10+ hours at night (with 1 to 2 feedings during the night) and actually sleeping on his own for naps a majority of the time during the day.

I am praying for you all out there being pregnant in the summer months.  This year, summer seems to have come early, so I feel for you in the hot and tiredness.  I was hot in January and February and it was about 25 degrees outside, I can't imagine dealing with 80's and 90's right now.   Best of luck on your deliveries. We will continue to pray for healthy mamas and babies.

Signing off now so I can maybe get some floors cleaned before Ben wakes up.