Saturday, June 19, 2010

7 quick takes lazy Saturday edition

1. Ben is now ticklish and its so much fun.

2. Discovered a new podcast called Catholic Family Journal that is super fun.

3. Been having sleep issues this week. And not Ben, but me not being able to sleep. So pray those resolve themselves.

4. World Cup frenzy is full fledge in this house and its super fun.  The US seems to have put together a pretty good team too.

5. I'm excited for a future event for a family member of mine, and that is all I am saying cause I don't know who reads this.

6. My parents are on a world adventure. They went to San Francisco, and are presently in Hawaii, and are soon to be if not already in South Korea.  They are going to visit the family of the exchange student that they have been hosting for the last 2 years and will host for another year till she graduates.

7. My brother had another world adventure to Ecuador and Columbia. The guy's first plane trip ever was to Japan, and since then has been to Brazil and Germany and now these two countries.  Odd thing was as bad of a rep as Columbia and Ecuador have for being unsafe, it wasn't till he was back in the US in Miami, that he hit trouble.  He had his car rear ended and totalled and then his digital camera stolen by the tow truck company that his insurance recommended.  But the good news is that he is totally safe and fine, and he gets to pick out a new car.  Car shopping is always fun, its like house shopping except smaller.

Ok.  Attempt for nap time now.

Take care all.

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