Friday, June 11, 2010

just a thought

So a friend of mine from college announced she was pregnant again. She was shocked that she was because she was on artificial birth control, and said that God must really wanted her to have this little one because of that.  So this makes me think.

Wouldn't God have wanted her to have this baby even if she wasn't on birth control, and at the same amount of wanting if not more? Because if you think of it, in one way she was not trusting God by being on artificial birth control, versus not being on it and trusting God with the size and spacing of her family.

And honestly I struggle with this too, but this example makes me want to trust God more with this.  I have definitely worried about having my kids too close together, but the worry is fruitless, and just makes me appreciate the gift of life less.  I am working on trusting God with the size and spacing of my family while not doing anything to thwart his will.  I just have to get my head right.  And overtime, the trust will be there if I keep up communicating with Him.

On another note, I know some folks have to use formula for one various reason or another, but for those who use it for convenience sake.  Does this add yet another reason to be tempted to use artificial birth control?  From my perspective, its not really worth it.  Too many detrimental effects come from art. bc. whether it be a health reason or a strained marriage.  And if you disagree with me you are allowed to do so, but I definitely wouldn't want to increase my risk of cervical cancer and breast cancer just to having the feeling of more control over something unnaturally. (this does not rule out NFP)

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