Saturday, June 5, 2010

we bought a crib

So yeah, it took me till Ben was three months old, but we bought a crib.  The main reason being that Ben has become a roller and it was no longer safe to do co-sleeping in our king sized bed.  So now he has a crib to the side of our bed.  The one sides a little lower so its easier to get him in and out at night which is nice.  And for the the crib and mattress it was about 115$ total. Which is nice for me and my cheapskate mind.

We also had a three month old landmark pass this past wednesday.  So the 4th trimester as they call it is over.  Which coincidentally at the same time Ben started to put himself on a schedule of sleeping 10+ hours at night (with 1 to 2 feedings during the night) and actually sleeping on his own for naps a majority of the time during the day.

I am praying for you all out there being pregnant in the summer months.  This year, summer seems to have come early, so I feel for you in the hot and tiredness.  I was hot in January and February and it was about 25 degrees outside, I can't imagine dealing with 80's and 90's right now.   Best of luck on your deliveries. We will continue to pray for healthy mamas and babies.

Signing off now so I can maybe get some floors cleaned before Ben wakes up.


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  1. I've never not been pregnant in the summer, but I certainly imagine it would be nicer to go through the last few months when it is cool outside. Apparently, planning that sort of thing isn't my strong suit though.

    And as for cribs -- after a certain age (it has varied depending on the baby) all of my kids have slept better in one than snuggled next to me. And when we both sleep better, it is time to move away from the co-sleeping. All of them sleep better next to me at first though.