Friday, February 29, 2008

The Two Lamest Excuses

The two lamest excuses that someone who is supposed to be an adult can give are:

1) Its complicated
2)I'm an adult and I can make my own choices.

Both represent a lack of control on the situation at hand and it proves that adults are just big kids with more problems. And since they don't want to deal with the situation at hand their responses are these lame ones. I mean adults use these excuses all the time when they no longer want to discuss something because they know that there is something that is ridiculous about their thinking. They are so caught up with the teenager syndrome where they cannot have someone else tell them what to do that they will object to just about anything. Its like the case for ethical neutrality where no one else can tell you what to do because only you know what is best for you. It doesnt work. As in True Tolerance it states, "No one is so poor as to lack a richly stocked storehouse of self-deceptions, often transparent to everyone but himself. The alcoholic who insists that he is indifferent to the bottle is merely a conspicuous example of the kind of dishonesty with self we all practice inconspicuously. Moreover, even when we do know what is best for us, we do not always pursue it. This di due only in part to pride and weakness of will. Defects in our institutions can actually make our best courses impossible to follow. Then again, without closing off any course completely, they may yet offer all-but -irresistible temptations to ignore the long-range consequences of wrong or foolish choices."

And I think that perfectly explains #2 so I will leave that one alone.

Now for #1
It's complicated, I mean can it get any lamer. Really well yeah we know it's complicated, but how'd you get there in the first place. Probably through a series of choices from #1 and so since you know you have made a little bit messed up choices due to your own pride getting in the way, well then you have to justify it. And your justification is simply its complicated. Why don't you do something about that, get your head on straight and make better choices. We all can learn from mistakes if we truely let ourselves be repentant.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feminists for Life

"When a man steals to satisfy hunger, we can safely assume there is something wrong in society-so when a woman destroys the life of her unborn child, it is an evidence that either by education or circumstances she has been greatly wronged."
-Mattie Brinkerhoff

Monday, February 25, 2008

Why suicide?

Today, I heard of a former Union student committing suicide. Jonathan Stonecipher
This is not the first of suicides that I have been so incredibly sorrowful over. My high school principal shot himself late last year. A young sixth grader in the town that my husband grew up in killed herself over getting a bad grade on something.
It makes me wonder, what brings these individuals to this. Today I had a discussion with someone about how duplicity is very accepted in our society. You say Hi how are you to so many people. and the answer is always "fine," or if you are a grad student, then its simply "tired." but really are we fine everytime this is asked. No. Absolutely not. Especially if you have a personality like my own where there is always a problem to fix due to my analytical brain. (that and I want to fix the world all the time.) But that inner self, not many people if any really know what is truely going on inside. We can make guesses, we can think through actions of a person, but unless they open up and you actually listen, well then we don't know. And even if you think this is the relationship you have with your spouse or boyfriend, I am sure you still don't know everything going on inside. Only God knows. In some ways, I wonder if we open this up to God, we can then open up these parts of us to at least one person that is the dearest to us. Because we need to be accountable to someone. To truely be accountable to someone. I can see the beauty in reconciliation in this manner. It's a check to see what is really going on inside, not just that you did something wrong, but why you did it, and how you can go to improve in it to grow deeper in God. To feel less isolated, to feel more loved.

This former student that died, he had a wife and a child, a beautiful boy, who will probably never understand why Daddy isn't there anymore. At least not till he's older. It breaks my heart. I never want that for anyone. Everyone deserves to have a father. And the woman who lost her husband, wow. She definitely seems to be strong, and Thanks so much to Daddy God for that. Her strength will make this loss into something that God can use her life for something greater than she can imagine. And that is the one beauty of these unfourtunate trajedies. That God has something greater in mind for us even though we have absolutely no idea how something good could come from such loss. Let us simply not be apathetic to it all. Let us remember to pray for the soul lost in his sanctification process through pergatory, and for those that loved him dearly. So simply pray. Praying is what unites us all.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

What would it be Like?

What would our country or world be like if we didn't have contraception. Due to environmental reasons of killing fish and making the cancer epidemic triple. We got rid of contraception. Abortion was banned due to the mental health impacts and the fact that the logic used to decide the cases for it was absurd. So what would we have, would we have a billion unwanted babies, I think not. Maybe a few, but think about this as not being the transition period of getting rid of contraception and abortion but as these two bans had been well established. What would our relationships be like. Would we be a dying race because of the preconception of the crisis of being pregnant was something that isn't accepted. I wonder. My fancy would be that people would all be NFP users, though I know this wouldn't ever happen. Because it definitely takes a committed relationship for this to work, (marriage hint hint). But wouldn't it be funny that to imagine in this alternate society girls all being aware of what their bodies are doing and when and when not they will get pregnant. Would they be like "Oh I'm in phase two check back with me next week." to guys trying to sleep with them. Or would these women understand who they really are, not in a spiritual sense, but it the complex biological creature that every woman is and stay away from these types of guys who just want a good feeling from them. For a woman to understand her body is such a great thing when it comes to health. Its amazing to me every time I chart my cycle what changes it, be it be a medication or stress or even different sleep habits with light exposure. I am constantly fascinated that I was made this way, my husband marvels at the beauty and complexity of me. But would all woman have this? In a contraceptive free world, I think there would still be some lacks of respect from some men, but ultimately I think all females would gain a greater respect for themselves and thus avoid most situations were lack of respect for themselves is the reason why they are there.

Monday, February 18, 2008

conversion story retold with more wisdom

Its a wonder how grown up I think I am sometimes. That I always know what is best for everyone else, but when it comes to myself I screw it up like a child. And granted there is always positive things out of child-like faith. But acting like a child when it comes to how I deal with others is not as positive. Today, I listened to a conversion story. This story was one from Mac and Katherine Barron about how they themselves as protestants became Catholic. They themselves had similar upbringing as myself, meaning regular church attendance, youth groups, summer camps, mission trips etc. They gave their conversion stories to Christianity in general first, and while they both had more open relationships about faith with their family, again it seemed similar to mine. I had my conversion at a church camp that one of my friends had invited me too. Listening to this story, I really began to identify with Katherine. The one thing was that her parents were still nicer than mine to me about this. But as I look at what steps I took versus, the steps that they took together, there were different circumstances, and I don't think at times the wisest steps were taken for family unity to still be there.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I know I'm supposed to have a theme here and not just post songs in my mind, but this one fits.

"The First of the Century" by Straylight Run

granted the video has its own artist views. But they do have a point.

"You know, you can be
The first of, this century.
To bleed through, to find truth.
To know what, you should do.
You know, it could be, anything.

Sometimes (sometimes)
You might find (you might find)
A crack or (a crack or)
A fault line (a fault line)
But dressed down (but dressed down)
Or made up (or made up)
You'll find (you'll find)
A real love (a real love)
A place to, come home to, at night.

So what did we pay for?
And why did we care?
What were we after?
And why was it there?

Desire gave way to a false sense of hope,
And we fell for the lie that it's what we all chose.
And I yelled to my friends, "you'll all be okay!"
But they didn't believe me, they still don't today.
They never do anything they haven't before.
In the same solemn room with no lock on the door.

And over and over and over again,
The same failed solutions to all the same problems.
Scream, why! why!
I can't understand
Why the things that I do never go as I planned.
And the vultures begin
Their slow circling.
The dogs lick their teeth,
Bright, white, and gleaming.

But just hold your sun
We've barely begun.
To fight until now.

So, let's see what you've got.
This wide open shot.
Take it or leave it.
We're getting out.
We're getting out, oh.

And you'll never find us again
No, never find us again."

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Maybe I am am a crazy Pro-lifer

So, today I have been fascinated reading all the threads from the feministe blog that dawn eden mentioned in her blog as they were totally bashing her. I personally think Dawn Eden is great. I agree with her. The one thing that I noticed about the comments made by the people is how they don't know how to argue, they are so defensive in their arguement, that all they do is poke fun or reprimand those that are different than them. It is actually funny how wrong they are about the other side. They are very good at using extreme cases that prove their points while forgetting the majority that contradict them. There was one thing that I did agree with, many of those who say they are pro-life use contraception. Most of those who use contraception, however, are not aware of the effects of using it. They simply think of it as a way of planning out their families as society says too. Well to counteract this I want to explain Natural Family Planning. No one who commented on the feministe threads had any clue about it except that it was one way to get around using contraception. So what is Natural Family Planning or NFP?

NFP is a way of naturally using the woman's cycle to either achieve or postpone a pregnancy without contraception. There are times when a couple can have sex and there are times when they abstain if they are not wanting to get pregnant, if they want to get pregnant these times they abstain become the times that they partake in because they want to concieve a child. They know when and when not these times are by a few checks done every day. To understand this however, one needs to know about a woman's cycle.
The first part of a woman's cycle is called Phase 1, it has a more scientific name that i forget at the moment, but its when a woman has her period until the first day that she starts producing vaginal mucus. During this time there is little to no chance of getting pregnant if a woman was to have sex. The little chance comes from the end of the phase 1 where someone might misjudge whether or not mucus has started. It is why it is recommended that if a couple is first starting this they abstain for the first 3 months until a woman has a grasp on her cycle. It is important to take a woman's temperature every morning at approximately the same time to watch for temperature jumps and also to check for the start of vaginal mucus as the start of phase 2.
The second part of a woman's cycle is the fertile part of her cycle, phase 2. You need again to take the temperature everyday around the same time to see shifts in the woman's basal temperature. In this part of a cycle a woman produces a range of vaginal mucus, Though this may take a cycle or two to learn what the mucus does. You will at least know you have mucus, be it tacky or stretchy. The tacky mucus usually comes at the beginning and end of the phase while the stretchy more clear stuff comes usually for about 6-7 days in the middle of phase 2. If you are wanting to concieve the ultimate time to have sex is during this time, as this is the time a woman is ovulating.
About 2 days after a woman ovulates her temperature spikes up about 4 tenths of a degree and she is now into the luteal phase or phase three, the last phase of a woman's cycle. This phase is where a woman has no chance of pregnancy unless by divine intervention, or carelessness of phase boundaries. The first three days may have some tacky mucus present, but on the evening of the third day as long as the mucus has dried up and is no longer present, then the couple can have sex and have no chance of getting pregnant. This phase can be 9 to about 16 days long in woman. However, this phase usually is consist in a woman within 1-2 days, so if you find your luteal phase to be 12 days, it will always be around 12 days give or take a day. During this phase a woman's temperature stays high as she is producing progesterone. It may drop in the last day or so of the phase when the progesterone lowers for the period to start again.

So this is NFP in a nutshell, I have a few more things I need to do tonight, so I am going to leave it at that. I'll clean up any lose ends next time I post and explain why its so great to use this method. (Why even a man enjoys it let alone us girls who get respect from it.) Until then...

interesting presentation of a pro-choice organization. more later.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Destruction of my Alma Mater Union University

Destruction of my undergrad. Please Pray.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Experiences from the March

Here are a few videos from our experiences at the March. It was a great time. I hope you enjoy the video. Sorry for the slight shakiness of them. Also sorry for the delay on getting it up here, I have been under the weather most of the time since getting back from DC. Though, I am finally on the road to recovery, at least I think so.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Interesting Misuse of Privacy in Court Cases and the Degradation of the state of Marriage

I have been told by those that I love that I am someone that is such a radical that they cannot believe that I am who I am. They believe that I am an idiot for what I believe and that I need to learn ethics, and at this general ethics because Christian ethics has led me to be this idiot. Well I decided to read an ethics book. It is by J. Budziszewski entitled "True Tolerance: Liberalism and the Necessity of Judgement." Well from reading about a 1/3 of it so far everything I have read in it is brilliant. This guy is completely ethical, and did not alienate me or change my point of view. He actually made me feel like I had something to fight for, in that my rebellion against what society tells me is right, is what I should be doing. In Budziszewski's words true tolerance is a formula where "an evil must be tolerated in just those cases where its suppression would involve equal or greater hinderance to goods of the same order, or any hinderance at all to goods of higher order." To be truely tolerant is to walk a fine line of when to know to stand up for something that will help towards a greater good, and when to sit back because it will do more evil to stand up then to let it go. It doesn't mean not having an opinion or thinking everything has the same value, to be a neutralist. It means standing up for what you believe in when the timing is right, when you are going to work towards a greater good by doing so. I hope that with God, this is what my life will contain, these chances to make a difference towards the greater good. I think that by living the lifestyle that Keith and I have chosen being open to life and defending life through NFP in former and being pro-life activists in the latter, I think we are leaning towards true tolerism as long as we do not abuse others in doing so.

For a long time I have been trying to understand why society and those around me have certain views on what a women should be allowed to do with her baby and what a married couple should be allowed to do in their own lives. And in this book I came upon a section that what entitled "Abuse of the Concept of Privacy" Budziszewski explains how the martial and family norms have been so degraded by "eccentric Judicial interpretations of privacy." He explains that there is two types of privacy the first being the innocent form concerning what people should know about one's affairs and what one does with one's "things". This type of privacy fosters the intimacy of relationships in a good way. However, the second type of privacy is not innocent, Budziszewski describes it as "concerns not what others may know about my affairs or do with my things, but what I myself may do and whether others may discourage me in any way from doing it. Probably because jurists fail to distinguish false privacy itself from true, false privacy is often defended in the name of the same goods which true privacy nutures." (p.50 TT) This type of privacy slowly poisions marriage and what is good about it. The following four cases have been ruled in favor of false privacy.
1) Griswold v. Connecticut (1965), by use of false privacy somehow made it seem criminal for married people to not be able to use contraception.
2)Eisenstadt v. Baird (1972) used false privacy to be able to then distribute contraception to unmarried folk as so they could procreate as they liked.
3)Roe v. Wade (1973) used false privacy to allow a woman to kill her unborn child during all nine months of pregnancy, and a sister court cause allowed it for almost any reason.
4)Atkisson v. Kern (1976) used false privacy to allow unwed people to cohabitate in a manner that they had to be together for their children that they had been allowed to have as a result of case 2, and at the cost of our goverment dollars funding it.

It's a wonder to me that in fourty years we have come to think that all of this is so accepted in society. No one would think twice about telling someone that they can't use contraception. No one would think twice about unmarried people living together, especially not in gov't subsidized housing where it happens all the time. And the right to have an abortion and/or to use the morning after pill is what women want, right? Why? Why? Why? I must ask. Why have we let society degrade in this manner, what is the cause of it? Well, to try to understand why, I looked at the characteristics of the generations that made these decisions, and were a product of these generations. Well there were 2 crucial generations that were involved in the development of these defining political moments. The main contributor being the baby boomer generation, this generation was one that was politically active in its protests and its human rights movements. While they did some good with civil rights and rights of the handicapped, they set us back a ton when it came to what they thought was sexual revolution and women's liberation. The following generation, known today as Generation Jones, also had an impact in this, all I could find about this generation was that it was cynical and had a major distrust for governmental authority. They felt like they were lost in a way I think they were, as the generation before them made major decisions that would cause their children to feel even more alienated. Next, is the product of the sexual revolution and women's lib, generation X. This generation is known for its lack of traditional values and its general cynicism. Working amongst this generation, I find this very true. Probably why my generation, is the opposite of these people, we again are like the revolutionists of the baby boomer generation, except, imagine this, we are fighting for morality and ethics. Granted not all of us are in this boat, many of us are so disoriented from past generations propaganda that we are stuck in a rut that hopefully we will remove ourselves from one day. But even though we are stuck in these ruts, we want to help others and make a difference. The only dilemma is now how should our generation do it. I think that I am starting to see a way for myself. Thank God for that.