Saturday, February 23, 2008

What would it be Like?

What would our country or world be like if we didn't have contraception. Due to environmental reasons of killing fish and making the cancer epidemic triple. We got rid of contraception. Abortion was banned due to the mental health impacts and the fact that the logic used to decide the cases for it was absurd. So what would we have, would we have a billion unwanted babies, I think not. Maybe a few, but think about this as not being the transition period of getting rid of contraception and abortion but as these two bans had been well established. What would our relationships be like. Would we be a dying race because of the preconception of the crisis of being pregnant was something that isn't accepted. I wonder. My fancy would be that people would all be NFP users, though I know this wouldn't ever happen. Because it definitely takes a committed relationship for this to work, (marriage hint hint). But wouldn't it be funny that to imagine in this alternate society girls all being aware of what their bodies are doing and when and when not they will get pregnant. Would they be like "Oh I'm in phase two check back with me next week." to guys trying to sleep with them. Or would these women understand who they really are, not in a spiritual sense, but it the complex biological creature that every woman is and stay away from these types of guys who just want a good feeling from them. For a woman to understand her body is such a great thing when it comes to health. Its amazing to me every time I chart my cycle what changes it, be it be a medication or stress or even different sleep habits with light exposure. I am constantly fascinated that I was made this way, my husband marvels at the beauty and complexity of me. But would all woman have this? In a contraceptive free world, I think there would still be some lacks of respect from some men, but ultimately I think all females would gain a greater respect for themselves and thus avoid most situations were lack of respect for themselves is the reason why they are there.

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