Monday, February 18, 2008

conversion story retold with more wisdom

Its a wonder how grown up I think I am sometimes. That I always know what is best for everyone else, but when it comes to myself I screw it up like a child. And granted there is always positive things out of child-like faith. But acting like a child when it comes to how I deal with others is not as positive. Today, I listened to a conversion story. This story was one from Mac and Katherine Barron about how they themselves as protestants became Catholic. They themselves had similar upbringing as myself, meaning regular church attendance, youth groups, summer camps, mission trips etc. They gave their conversion stories to Christianity in general first, and while they both had more open relationships about faith with their family, again it seemed similar to mine. I had my conversion at a church camp that one of my friends had invited me too. Listening to this story, I really began to identify with Katherine. The one thing was that her parents were still nicer than mine to me about this. But as I look at what steps I took versus, the steps that they took together, there were different circumstances, and I don't think at times the wisest steps were taken for family unity to still be there.

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