Wednesday, March 17, 2010

good solid music

Just a random thought about music again. Bands that I would go see if they came to Cleveland and they weren't overpriced or still existed as a band.

1. Copeland - disassembled
2. Delirious- disassembled
3. The Rocket Summer
4. Cool Hand Luke
5. U2 - overpriced
6. Bleach- disassembled
7. Chris Rice
8. Snow Patrol - overpriced

So really I only have 3 options. lol. I am sure there are other bands I would go see if given the right opportunity, but these bands are solid and would not disappoint in a show.

Maybe the band that Jason Ingram formed with 2 of the Delirious members would be good to see sometime. We will have to see what becomes of them.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

had a baby

So really not sure who reads this, cause I don't have any followers. But for those of you that don't know, we had Benjamin on March 2nd. He's been an easy baby so far, and we hope he keeps being easy, though we will love him even if he isn't. While apparently I have an interesting birth story. I don't want to tell it here, because I'm kinda sleepy. I just wanted to say that Ben is doing well. And to comment on something odd. That every time a Rocket Summer album is released I have a major life event. May 20, 2005 graduated Rocket Summer "Hello, Good Friend" released May 17th. July 14, 2007 got married, Rocket Summer, "Do You Feel" released July 17, 2007. Had a baby March 2, 2010, Rocket Summer "Of Men and Angels" released February 23, 2010. Kinda odd, probably one of many reasons I like them.