Wednesday, March 17, 2010

good solid music

Just a random thought about music again. Bands that I would go see if they came to Cleveland and they weren't overpriced or still existed as a band.

1. Copeland - disassembled
2. Delirious- disassembled
3. The Rocket Summer
4. Cool Hand Luke
5. U2 - overpriced
6. Bleach- disassembled
7. Chris Rice
8. Snow Patrol - overpriced

So really I only have 3 options. lol. I am sure there are other bands I would go see if given the right opportunity, but these bands are solid and would not disappoint in a show.

Maybe the band that Jason Ingram formed with 2 of the Delirious members would be good to see sometime. We will have to see what becomes of them.

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