Monday, October 27, 2008

So today was good

Today was a good day. I'm hanging in there being a fighter and loving life to the fullest. I love God and know he can get me through anything. Changed some settings on here so no more crazy stalkers come a running this way. I can't wait to be a mom and live out my vocation. And I totally think that my brother is the coolest house designer ever. Fun stuff. It was also great to talk to the other brother because he is just a great guy and I hope that he finds the best girl ever that will one day be his wife. And as for my husband, well yeah he just rocks because he runs toward Jesus everyday in his life and is such a good example for me. And he gives the absolute best hugs and compliments. Lets just say I love him more and more everyday.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

and you have got to be strong....

my life:

1.) my mom still thinks I am an idol worshiping Catholic.

2.)I have an attacking sciencism/secular humanist at work, who would love to tell me that I am stupid for believing in God once again.

3.)I am war with the lack of respect for women in the world that just wants to make us be more like sad men.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Root of it all

So to my knowledge, when an average person views a problem, they try to make the symptoms better versus actually getting to the root of the problem. Before I dive into more complex issues, let me discuss an simple one.

1.) Take the common cold, we don't have the ability to knock out a cold once it has hit us it actually has to take its course. Granted we can make it better by not aggravating it by sleeping a lot, eating healthy and taking a lot of vitamins. However, when most of us get a cold we take cold medicine to mask the symptoms of the cold so that we don't have to deal with it. Instead of slowing down to get rid of the cold quicker, we treat the symptoms and mask them and then wonder why it takes so freaking long to get rid of a cold, when really if we had slept a little more our body would have the ability to overcome it. Believe me I'm definitely guilty of this even though I know better

2.)The problem of cancer. While cancer does suck, and sometimes the cause is very difficult to pinpoint, especially in a society where everything adds to the cancer factor. And yes, it is great that people can overcome it with treatment, I am not undermining that it good to research drugs to help people overcome it. However, I do think we need to do much more research on what we can avoid or change to prevent more cases of cancer, and you know what actually follow through with these changes in habit.
A.) Wear sunscreen! If you are gonna be outside and its not pouring rain or dark, apply regularly. The sun is a major cause for skin cancer, so yeah protect yourself, and if you don't like sunscreen where more clothes, it wouldn't hurt to be a little more modest anyway. Getting that perfect tan is just going to cause issues later.
B.) Stop taking hormonal birth control! It is a known breast cancer causing agent. The risk is not worth the promiscuity. And it will also has the potential to mess you up once you decide you want a child. (think of how much money goes into fertility treatments, that we could be saving the starving of the developing countries!)
C.) Take public transit when possible! It reduces all those lovely hazardous chemicals that our body takes in that are foreign to it that it has to fight off to not become degenerate cancer cells. More research definitely needs to be done here, I hope that I am somehow part of that initiative.
D.)Don't smoke! Yeah this is just a given with lung cancer, really you are missing part of your brain if you smoke and don't think its gonna effect you later.
E.)Don't get drunk! Want to keep that thing called a liver, well you know, then really limit your alcohol consumption.

And as you can see I could go on, but I won't on the cancer effect. I just sometimes think its amazing how many bad choices people will make and assume there are no concequences.

3.)My final point, valid for the election season, is the dignity of Life. Apparently the majority of our culture seems to have little value for the smallest and the weakest of us all. It reminds me of a quote "First they came for the socialist, and I did not speak out--because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out--because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me--and there was no one left for me." -Pastor Martin Niemoller, in reference to his holocaust experience. Pretty much we have a eugenics, holocaust going on again and it is masked as choice. And at the same time most people are in the attitude of caring for self over others as well. We see all these problems that basically have stemmed from the lack of value for life. Money becomes more important, pleasure becomes more important, the environment is more important, health care is more important, bragging rights are more important. Anything is more important than defending life. Its a sad culture we live in when we can only think of how to stop the fruits of God versus embracing them. When we turn so far away from the design that God gave us and we wonder why there is so much pain the world, why so much crime, why so much poverty, or so much greed. My husband makes a good point about social security, that we have ourselves eliminated it as being anything due to our greed and misguides with the dignity of life. Now to abortion, while abortion isn't the only life issue, you have embryonic stem cell use and euthanasia and the death penalty, all of which when practice devalue life greatly, it is something we can do something about. Because at the root of it is how we value the life of another. We need to defend the littlest and the weakest among us to begin to change the current culture of death into one of life.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

rights...lets rethink that

women's rights, for some reason everyone labels this as rights versus right which ultimately it is one right that they are focused on in this election, abortion at any stage and even infanticide. But the irony of it is that to carry out this right if a man did it he would be charged for murder. Granted there are male doctors that carry out the murder, and thus should be charged for it. But really why did we give ourselves as women the power to murder? I don't want that power, each life no matter how old is worth something to me and deserves protection. It's crazy that we have decided thru messed up eugenics that certain lives are more important than others. I mean I guess that people want to be in control so much that they don't understand what the consequences are to their actions.

I guess in an ideal world we would be responsible people who respected marriage and the marital embrace, but we don't live in an ideal world. Therefore, we want the pleasure of it without the responsibility, to grab at the high of something without the understanding, and I am not saying that every time you have sex a child is the product, because that is untrue. But the fact that you should be open to that should be true. Most people have found a way to disconnect sex and the responsibility of children. It's crazy sometimes to me what lengths people will go to to alter their natural states of their bodies so that they don't have to accept the idea of a child. When these methods fail it is called an accident. Pure insanity, for me I know that every time I engage in sex with my husband, there is always a connection of this act could produce a child, no barriers are drawn up to eliminate the divine chance of God granting us a child even in the barren parts of the cycle.

Most of the time that a women agrees to an abortion there is some moral act that been compromised, either the man who married her said "what your birth control failed, we can't afford another child", or in act where a teenager wanting to be dangerous and not willing to wait has one of those so called "accidents", a women with a scewed version of love hooks up with a guy one night and finds her self pregnant with no father in the picture at all, a woman has an affair outside of her marriage and her version of birth control fails, or the most seen example I am betting is when a women who is co habitating or habitually sleeping with the same man outside of a committed marriage has a failed birth control incident either by her will trying to get him to commit or again in an "accident" situation where the birth control method fails.

All of previous situations mentioned deal with situations where a women finds herself vulnerable would consider abortion because she knows that it would be hard to take care of a child in her circumstance. Granted I want to get rid of abortion, as it is intrinsically evil, but at the same time I want to be able to council these women that find themselves in these situations and get their standards back on track no longer detaching sex with child. There is a whole other slew of wrong things that go along with the methods used for birth control, as they cause many illnesses later on down the road, along with many broken families. I still have my issues with breast cancer because I know a lot of it is caused by methods of hormonal birth control.

I am sure the argument for birth control is simply so a woman can have a child when she is ready, and as nice as that argument is, it just doesn't hold up. And the lengths that people go to try and have it hold up are completely wrecking our society, one child at a time.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Just a few thoughts here on the election. My husband and I have a lot of political discussions mainly on who we think would be the least evil candidate when it comes to upholding the dignity of life. Most issues today are early life debates as abortion and embryonic stem cell research are on the forefront (not trying to ignore the importance of end of life issues, they just don't seem to be what people are chomping at the bit about). And to look at the two main candidates today, you have one that is pretty evil along these lines, but trys to say that he is going to try to improve this and that so there will be less abortions and such and still supports embryonic stem cell research as if it is totally unrelated, its not by the way. Then you have the other major candidate who supports life when it comes to abortion, but has somehow disconnected embryonic stem cell (ESC)research from the issue of abortion and is in support of ESC research. ESC is something I think is reasoned by justification that you have people already doing the wrong thing with sperm banks, freezing eggs and in-vitro fertilization so why not use peoples wrongs for the good of science. Doesn't make it any more right, just means we have moved further and further away from the root of the problem and really are on shaky ground these days as a country. To add the VPs into the mix, one is a Catholic who apparently treats his faith like a cafeteria line picking and choosing what is he likes a hamburger and a cookie and staying away from those vegetables which are essential for a healthy faith in Jesus. And then on the other hand you have someone who is very strong in her faith, but really sucks at her knowledge of the job. As much as I respect her for her values, I am not sure I can trust her lack of knowledge of running the country. So ruling out the guy that is most intrinsically evil with his pseudo-Catholic running mate, does one vote for the lesser evil candidate in hopes he will defeat worst option or throw in a third party candidate that really lines up with the principles that are important to me as a Catholic christian? I really don't know.

Second, one note on the financial crisis. I think its a bit crazy that our country is so founded on money that is not there. Makes me think a little more about the fall of the US empire happening sooner than we think.