Saturday, October 4, 2008

rights...lets rethink that

women's rights, for some reason everyone labels this as rights versus right which ultimately it is one right that they are focused on in this election, abortion at any stage and even infanticide. But the irony of it is that to carry out this right if a man did it he would be charged for murder. Granted there are male doctors that carry out the murder, and thus should be charged for it. But really why did we give ourselves as women the power to murder? I don't want that power, each life no matter how old is worth something to me and deserves protection. It's crazy that we have decided thru messed up eugenics that certain lives are more important than others. I mean I guess that people want to be in control so much that they don't understand what the consequences are to their actions.

I guess in an ideal world we would be responsible people who respected marriage and the marital embrace, but we don't live in an ideal world. Therefore, we want the pleasure of it without the responsibility, to grab at the high of something without the understanding, and I am not saying that every time you have sex a child is the product, because that is untrue. But the fact that you should be open to that should be true. Most people have found a way to disconnect sex and the responsibility of children. It's crazy sometimes to me what lengths people will go to to alter their natural states of their bodies so that they don't have to accept the idea of a child. When these methods fail it is called an accident. Pure insanity, for me I know that every time I engage in sex with my husband, there is always a connection of this act could produce a child, no barriers are drawn up to eliminate the divine chance of God granting us a child even in the barren parts of the cycle.

Most of the time that a women agrees to an abortion there is some moral act that been compromised, either the man who married her said "what your birth control failed, we can't afford another child", or in act where a teenager wanting to be dangerous and not willing to wait has one of those so called "accidents", a women with a scewed version of love hooks up with a guy one night and finds her self pregnant with no father in the picture at all, a woman has an affair outside of her marriage and her version of birth control fails, or the most seen example I am betting is when a women who is co habitating or habitually sleeping with the same man outside of a committed marriage has a failed birth control incident either by her will trying to get him to commit or again in an "accident" situation where the birth control method fails.

All of previous situations mentioned deal with situations where a women finds herself vulnerable would consider abortion because she knows that it would be hard to take care of a child in her circumstance. Granted I want to get rid of abortion, as it is intrinsically evil, but at the same time I want to be able to council these women that find themselves in these situations and get their standards back on track no longer detaching sex with child. There is a whole other slew of wrong things that go along with the methods used for birth control, as they cause many illnesses later on down the road, along with many broken families. I still have my issues with breast cancer because I know a lot of it is caused by methods of hormonal birth control.

I am sure the argument for birth control is simply so a woman can have a child when she is ready, and as nice as that argument is, it just doesn't hold up. And the lengths that people go to try and have it hold up are completely wrecking our society, one child at a time.

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