Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Just a few thoughts here on the election. My husband and I have a lot of political discussions mainly on who we think would be the least evil candidate when it comes to upholding the dignity of life. Most issues today are early life debates as abortion and embryonic stem cell research are on the forefront (not trying to ignore the importance of end of life issues, they just don't seem to be what people are chomping at the bit about). And to look at the two main candidates today, you have one that is pretty evil along these lines, but trys to say that he is going to try to improve this and that so there will be less abortions and such and still supports embryonic stem cell research as if it is totally unrelated, its not by the way. Then you have the other major candidate who supports life when it comes to abortion, but has somehow disconnected embryonic stem cell (ESC)research from the issue of abortion and is in support of ESC research. ESC is something I think is reasoned by justification that you have people already doing the wrong thing with sperm banks, freezing eggs and in-vitro fertilization so why not use peoples wrongs for the good of science. Doesn't make it any more right, just means we have moved further and further away from the root of the problem and really are on shaky ground these days as a country. To add the VPs into the mix, one is a Catholic who apparently treats his faith like a cafeteria line picking and choosing what is he likes a hamburger and a cookie and staying away from those vegetables which are essential for a healthy faith in Jesus. And then on the other hand you have someone who is very strong in her faith, but really sucks at her knowledge of the job. As much as I respect her for her values, I am not sure I can trust her lack of knowledge of running the country. So ruling out the guy that is most intrinsically evil with his pseudo-Catholic running mate, does one vote for the lesser evil candidate in hopes he will defeat worst option or throw in a third party candidate that really lines up with the principles that are important to me as a Catholic christian? I really don't know.

Second, one note on the financial crisis. I think its a bit crazy that our country is so founded on money that is not there. Makes me think a little more about the fall of the US empire happening sooner than we think.

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