Sunday, December 30, 2012

What I wore Sunday vol 9

So just doing a quick What I Wore Sunday post.  Today has been a crazy day with a sick husband,   kiddo and an ill napping baby.  The kiddo woke up with the most terrible rash with a fever, and he's still on antibiotics from the ear infection he had just a bit ago. Grr! The rash spread all over his body but the since he's breathing fine, the doctor on call said to just bring him in tomorrow but a mom still worries about her kiddo when he looks like this:

But on to wiws.

Here's the outfit:

I know I wore white in the middle of winter, but eh, social graces aren't something at which I've ever done well.

Cardigan: my mama gave it to me, not sure where she got it
Shirt: Walmart (broke the target streak)
Dress: my neighbor gave it to me thinking it would fit my style, I think she was right
Belt: I don't remember, but I bought a few years ago for Halloween to be some video game character that my husband insisted on me being. 
Tights: Reebok outlet (does Reebok even exist anymore?)
Leg Warmers: MIL gift

I hope you all are in better health than my little family is.  If you can send some prayers up for us that we can be healthy once again sometime soon, that would be so appreciated.  Love ya'll.  

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  1. Your poor baby! Can't say my family has had a healthy week either, but I just asked for Our Lady's intercession for your household. Love the background story on the belt. ; ) Too funny.

  2. P.S. Looks like we're blog twins.

  3. We're working our way back to healthy over here too but that rash looks no fun at all. You managed to look super cute in a polka dot dress though :)

  4. Great dress and hope the little one feels better soon, rashes always freak me out, so sending some prayers your way!

  5. Oh, I love polka dots. Not the rash kind though!

  6. Thanks ladies for the prayers and compliments. We found out my son is allergic to amoxicillin, who would have thought? Still rash covered but at least he isn't sick anymore (no fever this morning, praise God!). Now only one more family member to get healthy again!

  7. Glad to hear that the little one is improving!

    And the traditional rule is "No white shoes after labor day,"- later expanded to "No white pants." Pretty much just out of practicality/worry of wintertime sludge. You're totally in the clear, but following those kinds of rules doesn't really matter anyhow. I love winter white!