Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Not Perfect...

Today was a rough day.  It just seemed there was a lot of acting up and tantrums and not sleeping going on.  I had to discipline, I probably lost my cool way more than I should have.  I probably should have prayed more to Mary to ask Jesus to be a more gentle and patient parent.  There was a world full of should haves.

But the thing is the day happened and amongst the bad there was good too, there was really. :)

The thing that stuck out to me most though was despite me not being the best parent I want to be, my kids love me anyway.  I could put the 2.5yo in timeout a million times and he would still want me to read him another story or sing another song with him.  He still wants me to sit near him and comfort him until he falls asleep at night, not perfect me.  The 1yo still wants to be rocked when he wakes up or picked up when he feels uncertain by again not perfect me.

And this is a good realization I think, because sometimes I see a hard day like today as a day that was just full of messes and tantrums and cries and time outs.  But love was there.  Love from me, imperfect as it may be and love from them in their childlike trust.

Thus, from this I guess as hard as a day can be, as hard as parenting can get sometimes. I do it in love, and to quote the Rocket Summer, "Nothing matters but what we offer in love."

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