Sunday, June 27, 2010

bits of randomness. yeah.

1. I am back to really writing my thesis instead of reading and writing down tons of notes.  This means I am up to a little over 18 pages written so far, which is good.

2. Since the US is out.  Who should I root for?  I am picking Uruguay, since they are slightly underdogish compared to the soccer powerhouses that are left.

3. England getting out in the same round as the US makes me feel like the US is actually starting to play better.  Or is England just becoming worse?

4. Its hot here for Cleveland.  I think the high for today is 95, and for us up here that are not used to the heat, this is very uncomfortable.  We would rather have our snow, at least I would.  Luckily its supposed to be back to 70 in two days.

5. Ben is enjoying grabbing at things.  Especially when I sit him on my lap.  He will grab at anything including breakable things, so I have to watch him like a hawk or we will have many a broken glasses or at least spilled beverages.

6. I think Keith and I are going to try to podcast again.  It should be interesting if we actually keep with it.

7. I finally got sleep last night, and it felt great!

8. We are headed to Wilkes-Barre, PA this week for the holiday to visit family, which is a 6.5 hour trip, normally.  So prayers will be much appreciated as we take this adventure with the little one, especially with his car crying record.

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