Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tea and Sympathy

As I write this blog post, an old Jars of Clay song came into my head, and thus the title.  It was probably due to the fact that I would love to sit down with someone for a cup of tea and just get some sympathy.   But life at the moment is too busy to afford it, maybe next week, who knows.

This should be otherwise known as the Ephraim story part 3.  The one where we find out that he's got all these allergies.  People tell me its because he's a fair skinned baby with red-head genes.  Maybe this is true, but man he has been a lot harder than Ben from the get-go.  If the 1-2 transition wasn't hard enough add on top of it his poor sleeping habits which cause me to be an insomniac half of the time.  It's a little insane but somehow I persevere, probably because most days I'm praying to God to get me through this day with only 4 hours of sleep and because he's God he does.  But anyway.  It's mean to compare children in how one is better than the other, because they aren't, they are just different.  And Ephraim well he's just different, during the day he's an angel, but at night he's a terror.  Ben was probably the opposite, but because I got my sleep I could handle it.  But God gave me Ben when he did because I needed to have a kid like him so that I could graduate and become Dr. Mom.  It's as simple as that.

So we add kid #2 into the picture and for the first 3-4 months he sleeps wonderfully, and then it just stops.  So for the last 2-3 months he hasn't slept consistently well at all.  Well before his 6 month check-up I started introducing a few foods because well I thought maybe this kid is hungry so maybe that's why he sucks at sleeping.  It kinda worked for like 2 days, but that was it.  So I backed off on the foods, but every so often I would give him a taste of this or that.  And then the banana reaction happened.  I mashed some up and gave it to him and he immediately broke out.  And so I was like hmm, seems like he's allergic, I did my research and then at his 6-month check-up had him tested.  But also at the same time they did the full food allergy test.  And in this they backed up the banana, avocado, kiwi, latex allergy, but also found a milk allergy.

A milk allergy.  Yep.  Dairy free for me. And the thing is that apparently we use milk in a lot of things.  I have a lactose sensitivity so I already had cut out cow's milk for almond milk but to cut out cheese and yogurt and the occasional dish of ice cream.  Well the first 2 were and are hard.  I guess cheese is the really kicker, because I like cheesy things.  I like my lasagna and my sandwiches with cheese and my cheesy mexican.  And really I realized that I rely on dairy for my protein, the substitutes minus soy don't have much.  So eggs it is, right folks?  Good thing I like hard boiled eggs right?

So I guess also in this that I could have turned a different route, I could have saved myself and just put him on formula.  This in someways would be easier, I guess.  But the kid will not and has not taken a bottle, and I kind of like it this way.  It's easier on me, and oddly enough I don't feel too tied down because of it. I've actually gotten out of the house way more than I ever did with Ben, probably because I don't have a paper to write but anyway. So since the nursing itself is going well why stop a good thing?  And then the middle of the night wake-ups.  I would much rather be half awake for those than fully awake.  And then the whole getting him to take a bottle would be pure torture, since he refuses already.  He would probably be put on a soy formula and that doesn't work for me because I'm not a fan of soy and the effects it does with mimicking estrogen. So we shall continue to nurse, just dairy-free.

Well, I guess I'm not too much upset, but really its a pain in the butt to be off dairy. Then again God gave me Ephraim because he knew I would be the mama for him.  Somehow I just have to to figure out how to be a good dairy free one.  Thanks internet for being my tea and sympathy audience.  Or rather oatmeal and sympathy, since that's what I'm currently eating.


  1. Hey Kiera, I'll be your empathy. We found out Josiah had peanut and nut allergies when he was almost 1 year old. That was tough. It's not just because it's a potentially life-threatening reaction (thank God we've seen nothing close to that with him - just hives). It's mostly because eating is something that most Americans do without thinking. I have to check the label on everything I buy. He can't eat homemade things at get togethers or church potlucks. Cookies are especially dangerous. Eating out is kind of a nuisance because we always have to ask. A few months ago, we realized he also has a wheat allergy that had been giving him eczema. Wheat is in everything. Everything. I've just given up on eating out. Eating - something that most people hardly have to think about - now consumes so much thought and energy. People without allergies have no idea how much energy it takes. We are getting into a rhythm now and it's not as hard as it used to be, but it's still hard. But I love Josiah even more now I think, and I think it's making me a more sensitive person. You can always call me for a listening ear. Christi

  2. Thanks so much. I will probably have to take you up on that chat sometimes. I can't even imagine a wheat and peanut allergy combined. That has got to be extra tough. I agree with the loving them even more with their extra issues. I was telling Keith the other day that if I just had to give up milk for myself I probably wouldn't be as strict with it compared to having to give it up because of my baby. Hope to talk or see you soon!