Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Five Favorites, 1st edition

So I am probably doing this wrong, because a lot of my things aren't tangible.  But I think this Lent I need to work on Joy, since I am trying not to complain and such.  So these are 5 things that are my favorites this week that are helping me be more joyful.

1. So the new 17mo learned a new trick.  He hasn't been much of a talker yet, so I was super stoked when he learned the word along with the motion.  It makes me smile and I love it, so check it out if you'd like. 

2. I have an awesome neighbor that let me into the underground ironing ring.  Anyway, an older lady irons shirts for 75cents a shirt.  And since I never get  quite the time to iron, I am gladly taking her up on adding a few of my husbands shirts weekly. 

3. I love, love, love this book by Colleen Carroll Campbell.  I can't even tell you how much I have gotten out of it.  I didn't make it part of my lenten plans, but it has infiltrated itself into them anyway.  So much truth, life and love in it. 

4. I love the new set up of my oldest sons room.  I was ecstatic about the underbed dressers, the wall decals and the train table.  This way when it comes time to move Ephraim over we can actually fit another bed in there.  I love it. 

5. And last, I love the one post by Anne at A Holy Experience wrote today on the rape in Steubenville.  Being part of the culture and the other side of the boys will be boys issue, I just thank God for the good guys that know that they are supposed to be better and more than that.  I honestly think there is an underlining story here and my journey towards Catholicism that I didn't really understand at the time going through it.  But the fact that women really are valued in the Catholic church, with Mary as our Mother, with Theology of the Body, with Women Doctors of the Church, with Women Saints etc, makes me glad that I am finally home. A favorite thing indeed.

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  1. I can't believe how big they're getting. We need to hang out soon!

    1. They do grow pretty quickly, and I'm with them everyday. I would love to hang out with you again sometime soon. I'm sure your schedule is much more hectic than mine is since you are super runner these days!