Saturday, August 8, 2009

seven quick takes, lazy Saturday edition

1. Successfully held a softball party last night, full of veggie eaters.

2. Took a two-hour nap this afternoon and it felt quite lovely.

3. Went to a garage sale this morning and had fun buying $1 clothes that had never been worn and were originally priced $40.

4. Keith has put in a major attempt to fix/clean the smelly dishwasher that really has been troublesome lately. I am praying that it works.

5. I am in a countdown mode till next Wednesday at 8am. For those of who know why, pray that it goes well.

6. This morning I actually made a hot breakfast which happens at the most 4 times a year. Keith declared it yummy, so in my book that is a success.

7. Laundry is all folded and about to be put away and its not even 5pm yet on Saturday.

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