Thursday, July 30, 2009


This may be a short rant, I apologize in advance for that. I am constantly reminded why a certain person never knows any of my personal business, because as soon as she does, she makes a nuisance out of herself, by either one-upping me, bragging about her way of doing something or being completely unresponsive/showing a lack of compassion. I am sure she doesn't really mean to react this way to things, but seriously it drives me insane sometimes. I really don't think she ever gives hugs unless you initiate them, and I don't think she would ever give you one even if you really looked down. Why can't she have a normal person's response? Oh wait that would make her not her and actually human. Instead she is what she is, someone who constantly tests my nerves but for some reason likes my company. Why? The other two are just fine to deal with, a little cooky but still decent folks. Any idea on how to deal with her civilly without killing her when I visit in two weeks? I usually manage but really if you have any extra advice let me know.

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