Friday, July 17, 2009

Seven quick takes Friday

1. Though there is soccer to play today at lunch, I really don't want to play because I am quite tired.

2. Today is a major breakout day, and for that I feel ugly and want to avoid human contact at all cost.

3. Keith plays softball tonight, granted it doesn't rain, which is kinda the way its looking today.

4. I really want someone to buy our house so we can move already.

5. Since my appetite is limited these days, I am unfortunately eating meat today. But I now do not like bread, or eggs, so this is what I am left with.

6. I am excited for Catholic Heart Workcamp starting on Sunday. It should be a good week.

7. I am really getting into the Joshua Tree by U2 lately, or at least whats been playing of it on my Pandora station.

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