Friday, July 10, 2009

a few resources that I have found today that I like

First Modesty at Mass article: honestly I am more guilty of judging those that are immodest that just trying to be a good example. So maybe I should just work on this. But this gives good reason to be modest.
Inside Catholic: Mass Modesty

The Cross of Infertility Podcast: as my non-existent readership knows, I have had a a bit of a struggle with this. This hit home at many points, and is very informative to know what to do with those around you that do struggle with infertility.
The Cross of Infertility

Ingenuity Festival Cleveland: This is going on this weekend in downtown Cleveland. It mixes technology with art, they make music with science and art out of engineering. Honestly, it's the nerd in me that makes me like this festival. But if you are in the area and are free, you should check it out.
Ingenuity Fest 2009

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