Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Facebook page for the blog

Hi all. I made a facebook page for my blog finally. You can find it at

I hemmed and hawed for a while about making one. I struggle with promoting things of myself. One because it's a window into my life, and two well its not the real reason I blog. I blog for the cathartic feeling of getting things out of my head and to feel some peace about it. Writing helps me. But the thing is I do have a blog, so that must mean I do want people to read it. And so I don't do a very good job of consistency when it comes to letting folks have the material available. So enter in the FB page. While I do publish everything on Google +, I realize a large portion of people don't really look at it. So, alas the giant that I hate is now helping me to be more organized. So anyway, let me know if you want to follow the FB page and it doesn't work and I'll try to figure that out. Until then have a good evening. 

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