Friday, November 7, 2014

Little Saints

Yesterday was our monthly homeschool meet up for Little Knights. My kids are still really too little for the group, but we go anyway, because there is a craft and I get to have encouragement from other moms. Yesterday, they had a saint party where the kids were supposed to dress up as saints.  So I figured we would try to do it. Ben mostly wanted to go as an angry bird and Ephraim only decided to dress up when we were .  But I sort of for a second got him to dress up.  The baby of course was the easiest to photograph. So, here are our little Saints, unfortunately a little blurry (I need a new camera, and less wiggly kids, the former is easier to get than the latter):

St. Joseph, because he likes dads and tools

Bl. Mother Teresa, because KE loves Mother Teresa and we could pull off the costume

St. Francis, because he loves animals

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