Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Five Favorites: Toys! (Inspired by Jess :))

Hi all.

I am all about the serious on the blog, but this is a less serious post.  One about toys!!! My friend Jess had a post about toys that were favorites for her kids and had lasted through three of her kiddos, soon to be four kids, she's due in December! It made me think about what toys my kids really play with, and so I got to thinking about it and came up with our top five, at least according to me.

1. Blocks

Whether it be duplos, legos, soft blocks, or wooden blocks, if it can be made into a tower, it is a go to! We are always building and creating.

2. Diggers

We love to dig, and diggers are necessary for digging. 

Whether it be little ones, or big ones there is always an excavator on hand or a loader.  Its always sad when winter comes because summer, spring and fall are mostly spend outside digging. I would also put matchbox cars in this category, because despite them being less apt at digging, they join the fun when roads are made in the dirt and such. 

3. Dress up clothes

My kids love to dress up. I usually buy up old Halloween costumes or things out of season and let them go to town.  Its a ton of fun. The boys especially like to dress up their little sister as you can see from the above.

4. Rubber Animals and Little People

I am always finding these everywhere in little landscapes with the furniture and pillows or throw blankets.  The boys love playing with them and Helena loves chewing on them. 

5. Cardboard boxes

No seriously, when given a cardboard box, magical things happen.  We have had roads and rockets and hideouts made from these. Tears are shed when they are recycled. Its insane.

So there you have it.  Maybe this will help you find some good Christmas gifts for the kids. Check out more favorites at the linkup at Call Her Happy.

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