Sunday, November 2, 2014

WIWS, repeat edition and All Souls Day

Hi all! I hope today has been a good All Souls Day for you. We didn't make it to the cemetery today to visit one of the kids great grandpas but we are set for a visit on Tuesday.  I've honestly never visited someone's grave that I knew before, but I think it would be good for us all.  I think for most of my life I've either been sheltered from death, or it just hasn't happened to someone so near that I would have been at their burial.  I've been to a wake here or there and a few viewings, but never an actual gravesite of someone I know.  Probably, most folks have more experience with death than I, but I want to understand it and have my children understand it more so that we aren't afraid of it.  Because with death comes new life, why fear it.
Benjamin has been in a phase lately where he goes around telling me that I am going to die before him and he is going to die before Ephraim.  In his 4yo mind, the oldest person dies first, out of order deaths don't happen, no tragedies or illnesses.  And honestly, thats okay to me.  I think he is doing just fine at understanding death as a 4yo. Ephraim is just a new 3yo, so basically his days are full of bipolar tyranting and so he just isn't there yet, but even he could probably benefit from seeing the resting site of the body of a loved one.  Benjamin always asks about his great grandpas, and how he wants to see them, but that they are up in heaven with Jesus.  I think somehow, this might help him understand how it all works more.

And now in a less morbid fashion, WIWS. It's honestly, except for one piece, the exact same outfit as I did last time.  But lets be realistic, who actually has a new outfit for every Sunday?  I sure don't. So I am going to try to help lessen the stigma of only posting new outfits and post a repeat, well except for I wore leggings underneath instead of black pants this time.  So here it is, my repeat outfit.

Dress: Marshalls
Leggings: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Origami Owl
Shoes: can't see them, but they are from Target

And now for a certain pint sized person...

Helena is dressed entirely in hand me downs except for the bow, which came from Pete and Polly in Brunswick, OH. Thankful to know many friends who have baby girls. Check out more Sunday attire at the WIWS linkup!

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