Saturday, November 8, 2014

Trip highlights day 1

We are finally taking a vacation for the year. These are some of the highlights of day 1.

1. We went through two major cities. In.Cincinnati we all waved to downtown to tell it hello and goodbye. We then waved to the Ohio river and Kentucky as well. This may not be much, but the silly things like this make my day.

2. Ben declared this the best trip ever after we stopped at a newly remodeled McDonald's with a pretty great play place.

3. The baby didn't cry much and actually was quite the trooper.

4. We enjoyed window drawing the last hour of the trip. We have these window markers that crystallize after you draw with them, I'm always intrigued by them each time I use them. This was one of our windows. Apparently the person looked like Ben's godfather to him because he has spikey hair.

5. The hotel we are at has an indoor pool.Had a dinner within waking distance and an outdoor shopping mall. I call that a win.

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