Sunday, November 9, 2014

A little tidbit on birth

Honestly, usually I don't tackle things like general statements on birth of babies, because there are so many things attached with it.  I will totally tell my own birth stories, but generalities come with so much attachment. It's such an emotional experience and different women want such different things out of it. But a FB friend posted a positive comment about going from cesarean section, to medicated v-bac to natural birth and loving finally having the birth she wanted. I simply thought it was really  awesome for her to have such a positive experience get the kind of birth she could feel good about. Because natural  childbirth doesn't mean awesome birthing experience always, but but for her this component contributed to a great birth.

I've had three completely different births myself, even though to the outsider they may be classified as natural childbirth. My first was a hospital birth with a midwife who was great despite the mostly medicalized setting, it was what I needed and if similar circumstance arises, I would find this midwife again because she listened. My second was in a birthing center, still attached to a hospital, the midwife didn't show up and the on call doctor delivered my son, this birth if you read back posts didn't go as planned and took a while to process. My third birth took place at home with a midwife and it was calm and awesome and redeemed birth for me.

I don't think everyone needs birth to be the same for them and I think each woman has different expectations. I think what it comes down to is that birth is really hard to control, and honestly you aren't going to just pick things out of a catalog and get it, labor is unpredictable, baby positioning is not controllable among many other things.

However, what I do think makes the difference is the people around you during birth, whether they support or break you down. These people can make or break a birthing experience. Putting all necessary medical intervention aside, I really do think having an attendant who listens and doesn't push an agenda on you makes all the difference in the world, it definitely did for me.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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