Thursday, November 6, 2014

Let him be little

It seems always the general consensus from more experienced moms is to just wait on the school thing. They say to let the kids be as little as long as possible or to let them run and play and just be kids. The reading will come, the skills for school will come at the age they are meant to come.  

But then it feels like the other half of the world seems to want to push our kids to learn to read, and write and do math sooner and sooner. It's hard not to get swept up in it. I know at least it is for me because it looks good on paper and impresses the grandparents or other inquiring minds. 

I think last week was needed for me to see that isn't what my children need. While some structure and boundaries are good, when pushed too far it can really backfire, as it did for us last week. It broke. 

So in trying to figure out what is best for us as a family in our learning journey, I'm trying to take a step back and evaluate the forest for the trees. I know my kids are growing and learning each day. While they may not sit down and do much paperwork or tablet work for that matter, they are learning. 

Right now, I don't think we need more class-like stuff, because well because we have just enough already. More and more I realize my boys need to move and need to be outside. Perhaps, a consistent free play group would be good for this. Anyway, this is where I'm at today. One step at a time right?

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