Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Growing Pains

In the last month, three friends and their families  have stated that they are moving far away. I learned that the school I enjoyed teaching at will cease to exist next year and I can't afford the co-ops that are offered as steady weekly co-ops for the kids.  I then saw that a high school friend has published multiple books already, I just want to be able to write a measly one in my lifetime.  And I was just having a moment feeling like I am not anyone and nothing is going right. This is all on the heels of finding my blue flame discussion with my ladies group and I just felt deflated.

If I look at my life properly, I can see that I am doing things.  We are currently living away for a month, not so much on a vacation, but as a mini-relocation.  A chance to get out and explore something new and I am loving it.  It's been a good adventure so far, and in that I am doing something. I've always been captivated by cities. I love them, and they seem to like me back, as much as an human constructed idea and concrete can love you. :)

I do think this bout of growing pains has redirected my thoughts on what I feel like I want to do. Having things taken away, means I can take out things that were on the back-burner and do them.  Perhaps I can make time to do them. Especially if I they build me up.

One thing I am building at the moment, to keep my teaching flame going, is to start a Free Forest School chapter. It's an outside nature play experience learning school. It's geared towards the preschool to kinder crowd, but can incorporate the older kids as being helpers to the younger ones and to be mini instructors. I mean how cool is that?  I'm excited.

The other is I want to blog more about my trip, or at least write down the good things. I know that I look toward webpages telling me the ins and outs of places I visit, so it high time I give back with reviews of my own.  And so I hope to keep it up, even if I am a few days behind already.  I have done a few days on paper that are transferrable. :)  And photos, I can always do a day with photo posts.

So, perspective is probably key and even as I am writing this, I'm getting excited about these new things.  Doors are closing and I am sad to say good-bye, but also to say hello to new opportunities. Here we go!

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