Monday, July 2, 2018

Day 2- Indy

I struggled a bit with how I was feeling physically today, and so I tried to rest more than not, it also helped that it was Sunday, a built in day of rest. The day started off with Keith making us pancakes with blueberry syrup. I am spoiled by him being the morning person that he is and that he enjoys making breakfast for our crew on the weekends. The pancakes were delicious.

We then walked our two blocks to mass. It was an almost empty church at 8:45am, but there were a few other families. One grandmother stopped by to ask how old Stella was, her grandson was only a month older. After mass we met the priest and oddly he was from Parma, OH, which is literally our neighboring town to our part of Cleveland. We then headed home to rest and have an early lunch.

We played the game, Wet Head, with the family, and it was fun to get wet in the 90 degree plus weather. Ben figured out the logistics of it all, so he knew how to get wet if he wanted to or not. Usually, he wanted to be wet.

A trip to a local splash pad and park was made next.  We set out to LaSalle and Clayton Park. It was a smaller splash pad, but it was definitely enough to entertain the kids.  I sat and read a book while Stella napped under the shade of a tree. The bigger kids played with other kids at the park, and I think they really enjoyed that. My kids remind me constantly that we are not meant to be isolated in our daily lives.  Ben especially is good at conversing with others that he's just met and making instant friends. And since it was hot we stopped at an ice cream parlor on our way home. It was called Wyliepalooza Ice Cream Emporium.  The shops name is definitely a mouth full, but the ice cream was delicious and if you are like me, you need some dairy free options, and there were plenty there to be had. I think we will be back again in the month.

We returned home again for rest and dinner, we ended the day at the park behind our house.  I scootered around the block while Ben ran in front of me. Then Keith and Ben tried out the Cultural Trail, which is a bike trail around Indianapolis. Ben got a bit beat up, but it got rave reviews. I think there will be more on this trail later.


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