Saturday, July 14, 2018

11 years, so long, so short.

I can think of 11 years as long time but also it feels short. Perhaps the short comes from that its been with a person that I don't feel like I am pulling my teeth out with, or perhaps its just that we are in the throws of young family life and there is never a dull moment. The long because we made it over a decade and because my husband would be one to quickly compare it to how much technology has changed since 2007. Whatever it is, its a good place to be, an 11th anniversary of marriage. 

I am thankful for the guy that grows his hair longer than I'd like because its him and will make chocolate cake on the spot if I am in a chocolate cake mode. He knows my love language is food, though mostly chocolate, and it makes me smile. He has become someone who will get up and run 3 miles and then bike with the family somewhere mid work day because he can and its an adventure for all of us. He loves his RPGs, his craft brews, his baseball stats and his tech loving podcasts. 

There has been adventure and heartache and death and new life and job changes and family drama and we are still here, still learning to love each other more and more. Some days are harder than others, but those hard days help us to grow and growing is good and I wouldn't choose to make this vocation step with anyone else.  

Happy Anniversary, Love. 

Anniversary Family Bike Ride 

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