Thursday, July 12, 2018

10 hours in and we still haven't gotten to everything

It might seem ridiculous, but we got a year pass for the 1 month that we are here in Indy for their children's museum. We definitely have had it already pay for itself.  It is at least ten times the size of our children's museum in Cleveland. It's one of those places where if you are going to go twice, it makes sense to get the membership and so we did. In less than 2 weeks we have been 4 times and we still haven't seen all of it.

It's an interesting museum as it doesn't have your typical climbing structure that you see in other children's museums but instead is more specialized exhibit oriented.  I saw that there are a few larger evangelical churches that have these type of climbing structures, so perhaps they make up for the lack of one here. However, it doesn't mean that the kids get bored one bit.  In some ways, I would say the theme of the museum is more mimicking a grown ups life, minus the dinosaurs, though even there you find a paleontology department that the kids can observe.

So, I definitely had to redefine my idea of a children's museum here, but I am quickly learning to enjoy it with the kids.  There are a lot of reading prompt trivia fact blurbs throughout and I think that will especially keep older children interested, and so perhaps that is also what it is about, putting things at a child's level of a larger expanse of topics. A sort of introduction as one may say.

Here are a few pics of the kids enjoying the museum.
Soccer in the Riley Sports Outdoor Exhibit

Baseball in the Riley Sports Outdoor Exhibit

GoCart Racing in Riley Sports Outdoor Exhibit

Super Hero Laser Escape Exhibit 

The Carousel (H's Favorite!)

Rube Goldberg Like Machine

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